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Cast List

Cast List

Phileas Fogg             Tilly Asplen

Passepartout            Vanesa Elzbergyte

Detective Fix           Emilia Podsiadley

Julian                   Noah Freeman

Vernon                  Emily Franklin

Kishi                    Katie Simpson

Thomas Flanagan       James Simpson

Samuel Fallentin        Louis Dobrowolski

John Sullivan           Hope Bird

Davis                   Mia Bailey

Maxwell                Gabrielle Meaby

Johnson                 Verity Crowshaw

Martin                 Megan Booth

Driver                 Anastasia Armson

MC                     Kyle Boyd

Azi                     Hannah Burgess

Temi                   Abbi Elsey

Train Conductor       Elizabeth Neal

Ship’s Captain          Scarlett Bird

Processor               Natalia Orlowskyj

Taiko Leader           Zachary Simpson

Postman                Sienna Moon

............The School App is now available to download to your devices (look for TheSchoolApp). This is our main method of communication along with the website. Emails will only be sent if it is for a certain pupil/parent or for longer messages and attachments