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Spellings given out Monday 10/09/18 to be tested Monday 17/09/18

Homework given out 17/09/2018

Spellings given out Monday 17/09/18 to be tested Monday 24/09/18

Homework given out 24/09/18
Spellings given out Monday 24/09/18 to be tested Tuesday 02/10/18
Homework given out 02/10/18
Spellings given out Tuesday 02/10/18 to be tested on Monday 08/10/18
Homework given out 08/10/18

Spellings given out Monday 08/10/18 to be tested Monday 15/10/18


Homework given out 15/10/18
Spellings given out Monday 15/10/18 to be tested Monday 29/10/18
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