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Term 1

Week 2

Our topic this term is Homes, so we have been learning about what makes a home, and the different types of home in which people live. We met Mr Tusky, our elephant puppet, who shows us how to listen with our eyes, hands and bodies, as well as with our ears! Reception have been playing lots of listening games, and have enjoyed preparing meals for each other in the home corner, as well as being in the outdoor area, painting, chalking, building, and playing with the doll`s house, the castle, and the cars.

Year 1 have been getting used to having short separate phonics, literacy and numeracy lessons in the mornings, so that they can keep moving on from last year. We have been revising our sounds, writing about our family, and partitioning teen numbers. If we work hard and listen well, we can earn some free choice iPad time in the afternoons!

Every morning we all go to the Dough Disco to improve our fine motor skills. It`s great fun – you should try it!

We also had our first PE lessons, “riding our bikes” around the hall, as we practised walking, jogging, skipping and running in response to Mrs Gibbin`s instructions.

Week 1

We have been very busy, welcoming the new children into school and helping them settle into our class routines. There are so many things to remember! Year 1s also have had to explore the new classroom layout, helping show the Reception children how to use our resources carefully, and then how to tidy them away when finished. We have all been trying hard to remember each other`s names, and have been working hard on our listening skills, and being kind to one another.