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Home Schooling


If you are planning to come to our little picnic on Wednesday, please can you email Mrs Smith in the office? Thank you. laugh

Country Information Booklets

I have been able to read some fantastic booklets that have been sent in this week. yes

Week 14 Home Learning (13th July)

White Rose Maths Video Links and Worksheets (with Answers!)

Year 3:

Year 4:
Fun Outside and Hard at Work!

Country Information Booklets

Don't forget to bring your booklet to the picnic!

Butterflies and a Very Small Potato!

Crawling Caterpillars!

One of Holly Class is busy looking after caterpillars- look at home they have grown already!

Week 13 (6th July)

NCETM Maths videos for both year groups:

This is the last one!

White Rose Videos

Year 3:

Year 4:
Reading Comprehension

Some Great Woodwork!

I love how some of the children have become extremely creative since being away from school. Raymond used lots of determination and perseverance with a chisel and mallet to create some carvings in a 6ft wooden post. Well done young man. yes

Week 12 Home Learning (29th June)

This week I set the whole class the challenge of trying out TT Rockstars. Not everyone has managed to access this fun times tables site so this week have a go. Those who have been on before, can you beat your personal best this week? I will have a look at the end of the week to see how you have got on. yes

Year 4:


Please continue to use the other reading links I have added here over the past few weeks as there really are some good resources that are free at the moment (they will not remain free forever!).

Here are a few new ones to try as well:

Reading Comprehension Tasks

STEMtastic Live!

Have a look at this link which offers free online science sessions on Saturday 11th July ( do not worry, if you miss them, they will be recorded and you can watch at a later time). Just have a look at what is on offer and sign up to get some 'tickets'.

There looks like there are some great ideas to watch then try at home! It is all free so what do you have to lose?

Computing at Home

Well done to everyone who has had a few goes on Scratch and continued with Espresso Coding since lockdown. I hope everyone is having a go at BBC Dance Mat to develop their typing skills too.

Teach Computing are a lead provider who I have been doing much training through recently and who provide home learning ideas for children.  Have a look at these Scratch activities:

I have included this link to the webpage as they can provide online support.

Have fun!

More Great Updates!
Week 11 Home Learning (22nd June)
Year 4:

More Online Reading Links for Free!

This is a fantastic offer- all the audible stories are free at the moment so do take them up on the offer. yes yes

Reading Comprehension Tasks:

Keep sending in the Photos 

I really enjoy looking at all the great things that you have been doing. heart

Further Maths Support

The school has bought Premium White Rose resources which include daily Maths videos (about 15 minutes long) for Year 3 and Year 4. The NCETM videos are great but these are also worth looking at, especially if your child has been struggling with the concepts or even just for some recapping and a boost. Have a look. I will add these each week to the daily Maths sessions on the email. They really will help your child to keep on top of where they should be in Maths! yes

White Rose Worksheets and Answers for w/b 15th June
Times Tables- parents:

(Virtual) Mini Olympics

The events started today! It is such a shame that I was unable to take my class to the event in Grantham as I have done for the past few years... It really is a great day.

Have a look at these videos and have a go at some of the events at home. Send me some videos if you can (I will try to upload some to our webpage!).


Free Outdoors Resource!

Wild Days is a website created for children 4-11 years old. Take a look...

A Science Game from Bitesize

Have a play- let me know if you succeed!

Explorify at Home

Explorify is a great website I use in class for science to get the children talking. Below is a link for some fun ideas to do with the children. Scroll down to Age 7-9 for appropriate sessions but do not be afraid to have a look at the others to see what you find too!

This fits in with our work on plants:

This links to some fun with materials:

Have a few afternoons of science fun!

Week 10 Home Learning (15th June)


Another free site for e-books and videos of stories!

Further Science Ideas

This Week's Story Task

I have had the first completed story sent in! You too can enjoy it. heart

Another great story!
Another great story and a first cartoon strip!
Reading Comprehension Tasks:

There has also been some great Maths learning going on. 

I love it when children send me photos of all their hard work. It makes me feel proud that they really want to push themselves. yes

More fabulous photos of learning!

Reading Books

This is a lovely website where famous stories are read aloud to the children. Some stories are for young children and some are just favourite classics. Lovely for children to have a look at with younger siblings:

The next website needs:


password: Parents20!

Click on the Collins Big Cat fab for KS1 and KS2 stories.

The next website has free books to download as PDFs:

Have a look, let me know what you think!

I am receiving much feedback so I can only presume that everyone is happy. smiley


More Photos

It is always great to see what everyone has been up to. I have also been sent some lovely letters. yes If you have not sent yours in yet, can you please do as soon as possible? Thank you.

Inspire+ PE videos!

Below is a link to various videos to get your child moving in different ways. Let me know if you have a go at any!yes

One of our Paralympic Champions, Sam Ruddock, has put together some rap videos for you to join in. Take a look:

Please look out for information about the Virtual Mini Olympics for Year 3 and 4 as we will be unable to attend the real Mini Olympics this year...

Golf Challenge!

This sounds like lots of fun and easy to do. If you have a go, please send me some photos too. yes

Week 9 (8th June)

Reading Comprehension Tasks:
Week 8 Home Learning (1st June)

PE Home Learning Ideas

Extra Reading Comprehension tasks (as requested by some parents):

There are differing levels for each. Answers are included.

Whitsun Week Ideas (if you would like some!)

I have sent an email with some ideas for this week, if you so wish to do something. Otherwise, get outside and enjoy the good weather!

A Range of Extra Maths Revision Tasks

These are a few revision tasks for the children to try at home to see what they can remember. Answers with guidance are included on the last page of each document to support parents. yes

Something to try as a Family

More Great Photos!


Thank you to everyone who joined our Zoom meeting yesterday, it was so lovely to see you all!

I will try to organise another one soon. yes

Week 7 Email for Home Learning (18th May)

Link to the Scratch Coding programme (free):

Click on create at the top then click on tutorials to get you started. yes

Link to Espresso Coding:

Zoom Meeting

We hope to see everyone at 12 on Tuesday. if you cannot be there, do not worry. We will be doing more. 

Dylan's Birds!

Still image for this video

Recommended Reading Books

I thought this might be of interest to parents if you are looking at what to read next whilst not at school.

Keep reading every day yes

Work Booklets

These are work booklets you may be interested in printing for your child? Just an offer, not a requirement. smiley

Week 6 Home Learning Email (11th May)

I have included a couple of simple science investigations children might like to try that I did not attach to the email. 

Trial for story reading on YouTube...

I have not continued with this as I saw only 3 people had watched. I hope you are all able to enjoy the book at home instead. If we manage to get back into school in June/July, I will read to everyone then. smiley

Home Learning Photos

Thank you to everyone who has already sent in some photos to share. It is lovely for us all to see what is going on in each other's lives whilst we are apart. Keep sending them in along with any Pete Mckee drawings! 

I am LOVING all these wonderful photos of the brilliant Holly Class. They make me miss you so much more... But we will be together soon again.

It is lovely to see so many smiles and wonderful activities. Keep sending in your photos and I will keep adding on here.heartheartheart

Week 5 Home Learning (4th May)

Author Visit Competition

If anyone is feeling creative and wants to try something different for Literacy, have a look at this author's website. He has a competition to enter as well as lots of ideas of activities and a book he has written free to read.

Science- Plants!

Below is a link to Explorify, a great website we use in school to start off some of our science units each year. They have produced some 'stuff' for parents/children to do at home about plants. Take a look. smiley

NCETM Youtube Maths Lessons- Fractions

Below are links to some great recap sessions on fractions for Year 3 and 4 (we were working on fractions when lockdown commenced). Sessions are between 10 and 30 minutes long. Please let your child watch and join in. yes

Week 4 Home Learning Email and links

Weekly Quiz!

A little bit of fun to try together (answers included but don't cheat!)

Week 3 Reading Comprehension Task

This task will take you to a page with an English, Foundation and Maths lesson set nationally for Year 3 children.

Please take time this week to complete the English task about instructions in the context of creating a Co Bot Key Worker. There is a 'real life' teacher on video to take you through the lessons. Have fun!

Science- Plants Investigations

Have a look at these videos about what plants need to grow. There are some ideas for investigations and discussion with your child about our science topic.

Other interesting clips to watch about plants:

Physical Education at Home

Our local sports provider Agilitas have emailed us with some great ideas to keep children physically fit at home.

Week 3 email

BBC Bitesize Online Lessons- recommended

Support from the National Autistic Society

Week 2 email
Week one email 

David Walliams Elevenses

David Walliams will add another story/chapter each day at 11.

Some great websites to access for help with home learning

Twinkl are offering free resources for parents. You will need to create an account but this is FREE (no need to sign up to premium!)

Third Space Learning have created lots of Maths resources to help parents with home learning. These resources are FREE. We use these resources in class, they are very good.

Teacher's Pet have a range of resources available to parents for home learning for FREE.

One of our sports providers, Agilitas, are providing free PE at home sessions each week.

Spellings list (incase lost from home learning packs)


Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.