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Home Schooling

This week, in Mathletics, 5 bronze certificates were achieved. Well done to Lola, Liam, Emilka, Laura and Brooke.

In TT Rock Stars, we have one Rock legend - Jake. Our top ten this week are, Jake, Liam, Emilka, Bertie, Rugile, Brooke, Freddie, Laura, Harry and Kara.

Link for Sing Up- song of the week.


Well done this week to Brooke and Liam, who both achieved a silver award in their Mathletics. Lola, Liam, Ollie, Brooke and Sean all achieved  bronze awards in their Mathletics. Great achievement!

Our class top ten for TT Rock Stars this week are: Jake- a rock legend. Our rock stars are Liam, Emilka, Bertie, Brooke, Rugile, Freddie, Laura E, Harry and Kara.

Here are some video clips for ideas for fun PE activities from Inspire Plus- Our PE coaches.

Here is a great idea that you might enjoy, Fun Spa Friday!

Getting organised.
Ready for business
Enjoying spa Friday!


Willow class have achieved bronze and silver certificates in Mathletics this week. Finley, Brooke, Kara, Liam and Lillie-mae all achieved bronze certificates. Silver certificates were achieved by Lillie-Mae and Kara. Well done all of you. Let's try for gold this week!

We have one rock legend this week, well done Jake. Our rock stars top ten this week are Liam, Emilka, Bertie, Rugile, Brooke, Harry, Freddie, Laura E and Kara.


Tennis Challenge

Still image for this video

Welcome back to our second half of the Summer term. It has been a unique learning experience for everyone. Last week, during half term, Owen and Liam both gained bronze certificates in Mathletics, well done! Our top ten using TT Rock Stars to help them learn their tables are: Jake- a rock legend; rock stars are Liam, Emilka, Bertie, Brooke, Rugile, Harry, Freddie, Laura E and Kara. I am looking forward to seeing all of Willow class challenging yourselves to become rock legends. You can do it!


A useful site for ideas with your writing is Have a look, there are lots of suggestions of ways to improve your writing. 

E mail for learning for 18.05.20

Hi everyone,

Some more great results on Mathletics. Skye, Finley, Ellie and Liam all achieved bronze certificates. Brooke and Emilka both managed to achieve bronze and silver certificates. Well done to all of you. I have set some tests on Mathletics. The results are coming through to me. These show that some of you need to review those areas that have been suggested to you, so that you can reinforce your learning.

On TTRS our Rock Legends this week are Jake and Emilka. Rock Stars are Liam, Bertie, Brooke, Harry, Rugile, Laura E, Freddie and Kara. Well done!

Thank you for the e mails with  the amazing learning you have been doing at home. They are brilliant. Loving the photos of your activities too. I have sent this week's learning in an e mail, but I will put it on our page too.

Hi Everyone,

This week Willows class achieved 4 bronze certificates on Mathletics. Well done to Finley, Liam, Brooks and Lillie-Mae.

In TT Rock Stars, our top ten this week were Jake, Emilka, Liam-  All rock legends. Brooke, Bertie, Harry, Rugile, Laura E, Ollie and Freddie- All rock stars. Well done.

I have added a PE challenge that links really well with your IT learning, making a video. Have a look at it and then why not have a go?

I have sent an e mail to everyone and put it on this page too with more ideas for home learning. Hope you are all keeping well. 


11.05.20 E mail to parents

E mail for 04.05.20

04. 05. 20

Hi everyone,

This week, we have some great results on Mathletics. Great to see so many people increasing their time spent and getting their certificates. This week we have 5 bronze certificates- Finley, Sean, Liam, Lillie-Mae and Lola- Well done these people. We also have 2 silver certificates- Sean and Lola- You have worked brilliantly to get these results, well done!

I have set some assessments on your Mathletics pages, have a go, see what you score.

The top 10 for TT Rock Stars this week are: Jake, Emilka, Liam, and Brooke- All rock legends. Rock stars are Bertie, Harry, Rugile and Laura E. Well done all these people! Keep practising and keep getting quicker.

For your topic/ literacy work this week, I would like you to watch the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics. Then find out what the 5 rings signify. I would like you to write an explanation about them. Focus upon what they mean and why they are in all the Olympic pictures. You are welcome to e mail me any work you have done. It has been wonderful to receive lots really interesting fact files this week.

Bitesize maths is now linked directly to your White Rose maths, so 2 places to go for more help with your maths. 

I have put a science link below. It is some work we have already done in class, with further ideas, to move forward from where we finished. Some fun activities in there.



Well done to those people who have been working on their TT Rock Stars challenge. Our top ten for this week are:

Emilka, Jake and Liam- All rock legends- Brilliant.

Berite, Brooke, Harry, Freddie, Laura, Ollie and Kara- All rock stars- Well done.

Keep having fun and practising everyone!

In Mathletics this week, I can see some people have been working very hard, especially Liam- that is an amazing effort Liam.

This week bronze certificates were achieved by Finley, Sean, Khaleesi, Brooke, Liam, Lola and Lillie-Mae.

Finley also managed to achieve silver and gold certificates- Brilliant!.

For topic this week we are continuing with our theme of the Olympics. Last week some people produced marvellous fact files about the history of the Olympics. This week I would like everyone to choose their favourite Olympic sport, research it and write a non-chronological report about their sport. If you are not sure what to include in an information text, has some helpful information. 

Don't forget that White Rose have a special home schooling page that you can log into and use, as well as BBC Bitesize are producing lots of interesting activities to support your learning.

Our science is continuing with animals and their habitats. This week we are focusing on how environments can change and what dangers this could pose to living things. Our focus this week would be to record temperatures using thermometers (if you have one) and recording how they change. Then plotting a line graphs to record the changes. Finally, explaining what difference a change in temperature makes to living things. To push it further, what difference would it make to cold blooded living things, compared to warm blooded living things. Also, don't forget the effects a frost can have on plants.

I am looking forward to receiving your ideas, via e mail, or save them and when we are all back together, we can share what we have done. 

Email to Parents

White Rose Maths - home learning ( A great resource, directly linked to how we teach maths at Weston Hills.) There are a range of year groups. Feel free to use the year group you consider to be the most appropriate.

Well done to the following people for achieving a bronze certificate in Mathletics this week. (They scored 1000 points or more.) Skye, Bertie, Finley, Brooke, Evie, Emilia, Owen, Liam, Lillie-Mae, Jake.

There was one person who achieved a silver certificate- Brooke.

Finally, one person achieved a gold certificate- Brooke! Well done.

This week we are focusing on decimals. 

In TTrock stars this week our 10 highest scorers, who are all rock legends are Jacob, Harry, Brooke, Jake, Emilia, Liam, Bertie, Freddie, Ollie and Laura E. Amazing skills!


Here is a music link, for more ideas. 

Free music website for parents and children. (click on ‘Free Children’s Song bank’ box).

Please look at the email I forwarded with lots of ideas for PE and games. If you could complete the record sheet of activities that would be brilliant.

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.