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Term 1

Week 1

A warm welcome to Willow Class, we hope you all enjoyed your summer break. Our children have had a fabulous start to the new year.

In our ICT we have been looking at the Mathletics and Education City websites, exploring some of the fun games.

Week 2

In Literacy this week we have been looking at Myths.  After watching some clips of Myths, we collaboratively discussed the main features of them.

After looking at the Myth of Thor and the Magic Hammer , the children did some hotseating, each asking the Viking God Thor questions.
In Numeracy this week the children have been looking at place value, adding and subtracting 10,100,1000, 10000,100000. They used this knowledge to turn a random 5 digit number into 55555, afterwards checking their steps on the calculator.

Week 3

In Numeracy this week we have been adding and subtracting from both positive and negative numbers.

All KS2 children have been given the opportunity to enter the fantastic Young Imagineers Competition 2018. They have been challenged to create an invention to make tomorrow's world a better place. They were shown a presentation about inspiring inventors and their inventions to start them thinking. There are some fantastic prizes, including the winner having their invention produced and displayed in The Science Museum, London.
We continued our work on place value this week, consolidating our knowledge by playing some fun games using 4digit and 5digit numbers. We then organised our numbers in size, using greater than > and less than < language. The children enjoyed the challenges.
KS2 have been very lucky this term to have Jack from Inspire+ work on their football skills each week. The children are loving it, having fun whilst learning new skills.
When the children took part in The Mini Olympics earlier in this year, they won a Sports session with Sam Ruddock, a Paralympian. He spoke to us about the importance of keeping healthy and looking after our bodies. He then showed the children how to throw a javelin and do the long jump, challenging them who could get the furthest. We also played lots of fun training games in which we had to work as a team. 


We have had a fantastic week, our highlight being our visit to The Space Centre in Leicester.

This enhanced our learning about Space with lots of practical experiences. There were lots of objects to explore and activities to do. In the Planetarium, we watched a show about The Solar System and what it takes to be an Astronaut. The children got the opportunity to go on a simulator to experience what it is like to travel to another planet.

Week 5


On Thursday KS2 had Sam Ruddock, Paralympian deliver a workshop titled Mutant Mentality! All classes involved thoroughly enjoyed the activities which showed students that, like mutants, they can adapt to challenges and build resilience to tough tasks through trial and error. The children were tasked with the X Challenge and The Electric Relay, both of which involved working together as a team to get the quickest time! Within The Electric Relay the children lost their sight (temporarily) to see how it would affect their other senses. To the children's delight, all their times improved showing how without their sight, their sense of touch was heightened.
In Numeracy this week we have been looking at Rounding. We have done various activities to practise rounding to 10, 100, 1000, 10000. We even challenged ourselves with decimals.
We continued to extend our learning of Rounding in Numeracy whilst having great fun playing a game on the laptops. The children got very competitive!
In Science we have learnt lots of fascinating facts about the Planets in our Solar System. We were given a challenge to memorise as many facts as we could about a certain planet in a set time. We then shared all our facts with someone who had a different planet. We were amazed at some of the facts we found out!

Week 6


Today we were visited by Matthew from 'West End in Schools'. West End in Schools offers children the opportunity to explore Music and Dancing using creative imagination and skills. Matthew spent time with Willow class exploring various types of music from around the world and the dance moves connected to that country. In our imagination we travelled to places including France, South America, New Zealand, India and more. Among the dances learnt were the Can-Can, The Haka and Salsa. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and even showed Matthew some of their own unique moves. 

Free style Dance Moves

Still image for this video
Whilst learning about Roman numerals this week, we had an Active Math session.  This involved half of the class being given a number, ranging from 1 to 1000. The other half were given the same numbers in roman numerals. They then had to find their partner by matching the numbers. They all did really well.
Week 7
We completed an exciting challenge applying our knowledge of Roman Numerals to solve a Mini Mystery, solving problems to find out WHO DID IT!
In our Literacy this week we have been learning about the main features of a Non-Chronological Report. We applied this knowledge to find and highlight all of these features in different report samples.
In our ICT session we have been using 'Scratch' to create a program to give commands, to move our Sprite Character around the screen. We all had great fun experimenting with different combinations, to give different effects.
Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.