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Term 1

Investigating Soils from Home

A big thank you to the 10 people who sent soil samples into school! yes We had messy fun investigating what type of soil each one was this afternoon.

Making Fossils
Task: Represent the 4x Table!
Playing our Split Digraph Memory Games


After listening to the Roman Myth about Jupiter and the Bee, we hotseated the characters.


Split Digraph Game

To help us remember the split digraph spellings, we made memory games today that we will play in class tomorrow then share with Oak class.yes

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

As Scientists, we went outside this afternoon to investigate the soil. We had found out the main characteristics of clay, loam and sandy soils then tried to identify the type of soil in various locations around school.

To continue our investigations next week, please can everyone bring in a small bag of soil from your garden (or grandparents'/aunty's/uncle's/friend's) for us to use. Thank you! yes

Bourne Woods

What a morning! No one wanted to go back to school! Everyone had such a great time searching the woods, looking up, looking down, listening, looking closely and trying to work out what it was we were actually looking at. We saw traces of rabbits and deer, we heard different types of birds, we picked up numerous leaves, sticks, acorns, broken hazelnuts and acorn hats, and we saw numerous squirrels. There was not enough time... If anyone is going to Bourne woods for the Apple Day this Sunday, please send in some photos and let us know how it goes. The children loved their visit and want to return. heart yes

Edible Roman Roads

Roman roads were straight, strong and many have lasted for over 2000 years because they were built in layers using lots of stone and concrete. What better way to remember this than to make an edible Roman road! Our layers were smashed biscuits (sand), porridge oats (rubble), raisins in chocolate (broken stone in cement), rice crispies/smashed biscuits in whipped cream (gravel and sand in cement) topped off with slabs of biscuit (slabs of stone). Educational yet tasty!

Science Investigations

This afternoon, we were rock detectives, using our senses to find out more about the different properties of different rocks.


Today we have been comparing the sizes of numbers using the Base 10 along with the < = > symbols. 

Animal Letters for Cherry Class

As part of our preparation work for visiting Bourne Woods, we wrote letters to Cherry class pretending to be a woodland animal and telling them lots of facts about that creature. We had researched the facts during one of our sessions with Oak Class. Today, we delivered the letters to Cherry class! Everyone found a younger child, gave them the letter in an envelope them read it to them. It really for a lovely experience for everyone (and we have found a few new younger friends!).

Football on a Rainy Afternoon

Cookie showed us more football skills this week in the hall as the weather was not great... We still had fun!

Place Value

Look at all the different equipment we have been using to ensure that we have a solid understanding of what the digits mean in 3 and 4-digit numbers.

Using a Range of Media on a Very Wet Day!

The rain may have postponed our trip but we still had a good morning exploring a range of media to create a scene from yesterday when we took part in a range of activities. (Mrs Upsall has also discovered PicCollage!)

Bourne Woods Preparation Day

Oak Class and Holly Class mixed up together in their groups again to take part in a range of activities to prepare for our visit to Bourne Woods tomorrow. After a safety talk about being in the woods altogether, we split between the two classrooms for lots of fun.

Holly Class's first task was to try to name all the things Mrs Upsall found in Bourne Woods when she visited yesterday.

Next we made some flags that we will be using in our groups to mark our trails through the woods. We then decorated each one with the name of our group's woodland animal.
After flag making, we looked at the different tracks animals make on the ground. There was chat about what the feet were called and how they used them eg for walking on mud, for climbing up trees. In our groups, we were able to match them all correctly. Will we find any animal tracks tomorrow?
We researched a range of trees that can be found at Bourne Woods to help us recognise them when we are there. We used paper and online resources to help us find out the shape of the trees, what their leaves look like as well as what their flowers and fruits look like. Hopefully, we will be able to spot lots of them tomorrow!

In the afternoon, we used our knowledge to try to identify the trees in our school grounds. We collected a range of things that we found and stuck them to sticky card to take back into the classroom.

With a partner, we used our creativity to make bird nests! This was fun but a lot more difficult than we expected. Birds are so clever to be able to do this with just their beaks. yes
Finally, we used our creativity to make a woodlands animal picture  out of whatever we can find under the trees. What a busy day!

Roman Afternoon

The day finally arrived for us to wear our costumes and we looked amazing! After finding out more about the Roman army, we took our shield designs outside and created large replicas. When they are all finished next week, we will learn some Latin words linked to marching and battle formations then create our own battle in the hall using the shields and balls!

Internet Safety

Today we started to write the scripts for our how to keep safe on the internet presentations. Because it was such a beautiful afternoon, we took our chairs and books outside. Next week, we will hopefully be able to start filming our ideas so that we can edit them in Movie Maker and present them to the younger children in school later this term.

Getting Ready for Bourne Woods

In preparation for Bourne Woods, we worked with Oak class to think about what creatures we might find. After investigating and naming what was in Mrs Upsall's box, we worked together to match animal pictures and name them before researching one of the woodlands creatures then ending the afternoon with  a Guess My Animal game.

Holly Class used the researched information on Tuesday to start writing letters to Cherry Class pretending to be the animal. We are  going to write the letters in neat on Friday, put them into envelopes and deliver them to Cherry Class to teach them some facts about creatures that live in a forest.

Shape Poems

Our 2A phrases about what we might find in the woods were turned into shape poems today to great effect! We have stuck all our finished pieces into a class book ready for parents to enjoy at parents evening later this term.

Football with Boston United

It has been fantastic to work with Holly and Cookie from Boston United on our football skills the past two Wednesday afternoons (in glorious sunshine!). We have so far looked at dribbling and passing with Matilda winning Cookie's medal for being fastest with toe taps. Who will it be next week?

Science Afternoon

We started off topic off by closely observing a range of minerals and rocks. We linked this with out Literacy work as we have been using adjectives in both subjects!

Circuits Afternoon

It threatened rain but managed to hold off until we had finished! smiley We took part in 6 different activities with 3 minutes on each before recording our best score and moving on. When we went round the circuit for a second time, we aimed to beat our scores which lots of us were able to do. Great fun (and lots of exercise and practising of skills!).yes


This afternoon, we had our first taster of archery. The year fours were fantastic at teaching the year threes what to do. The year fours have really stepped up to the challenge of being mentors for the younger children. yes

Meet the Teacher!

I look forward to seeing as many parents as possible at our morning meeting on Tuesday in the classroom. I will go through all the class routines and expectations during this session as well as answer any questions you may have. smiley

Our School Values

Holly class are already working well together as a class family with the help of our main school values of hope, faith and love. We are hoping for a great school year together, we have faith in ourselves and each other, and we love being together. Go Holly Team! heart

Holly Class 2019-20

Welcome to Our New School Year!

If you are already looking here in August, I love your keenness! 

I forgot to hand out the letter to the new Holly Class about ROMAN COSTUMES. For the whole of the Autumn term, your child will need a Roman costume to wear every Thursday afternoon as we immerse ourselves in the world of Roman Britain. Each child will be given a genuine Roman name that they will be known by on Thursday afternoons, someone who they will be able to find out about.

By doing such activities, children can make memories that will last a life time and this will help them to remember what they have learnt and link it to future learning too.

Links to websites fro ideas:

**PLEASE REMEMBER: children need to be able to put their own costume on unaided, something to keep in mind if you are thinking about making a toga! 

Also, the children in Year 5 (and some of year 6) covered this topic with me 2 years ago so if you know any of the parents, you could ask to borrow the costume their child used.

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.