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Term 1

Week 7


In Numeracy this week the children have been dividing by using factors.  For Literacy, 'To be or not to be'  Using spoken language by Shakespeare the children read play-scripts clarifying the meaning and performing in our modern English.

Science - This week the children worked on understanding and explaining the differences between balanced and unbalanced forces using 'Bobble the Balloon' to help us.  


In Art and Design, the children created sculptures and compositions with sticks and leaves.  They had some fantastic outcomes and were very creative!

In P.E, the children continued to improve their hockey skills and their gymnastic skills.  For Topic, the children plotted significant changes in farming in the local area on a timeline.

Week 6


For Numeracy this week, the children have been using written methods to multiply up to 4 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers.  In Literacy, children chose their own subject they are interested in to write a non-chronological report.


In P.E., the children have continued with gymnastics, working together in a group to prepare a sequence of movements using apparatus.


Science and Art and Design -  Using their understanding and knowledge about, gears, leavers and pulleys, the children have started to create their own game.  They have had such fun designing their own games.  These will be tested next week!

We had our whole school annual Harvest Festival this week.  We are so proud of our children in Elm Class who played 'All things bright and beautiful' on the ocarinas.  We hope you enjoyed the Harvest Festival too.

Week 5


What an adventure the children have had this week! Most of our children went to Aylmerton for their annual residential trip, where they have had a fantastic time, having made lots of memories and  having fun experiences.


Some children went into Willow Class to join them making a Shaduf  which is a hand-operated device for lifting water, invented in ancient times and still used in India, Egypt, and some other countries to irrigate land. Typically it consists of a long, tapering, nearly horizontal pole mounted like a seesaw.  They also went on a treasure hunt.


For Literacy this week, the children have been exploring spelling patterns and what to do when you add suffix's to common words.  Whilst in Numeracy, they have been using rounding numbers to estimate answers in problem solving.


In Science, this week, the children have been looking at gears, levers and pulleys to see how these work.  Children have been asked to make their own windmill over the course of the next two weeks.


As part of the Green Tree Schools Award Project, the children went to Bourne Woods to explore the woodland habitat and took various photos from difference angles and viewpoints.



Week 4


For Numeracy this week the children have been adding, subtracting and solving problems together with learning how to check their work correctly using different methods.

In Literacy, the children have been learning how to explore the language used in poems and learnt to re-cite poems.


Science and Art this week, the children made view finders and went onto the field to use their view finders to look at different aspects of trees.

In R.E. with Mrs Nicholls, the children researched different faiths based on charities and other organisations and then compared their findings with each other.



For P.E. and Hockey this week, the children learnt the skill of how to pass the ball to other team players.  In gymnastics, they explored different ways of supporting their bodies with hands through movements such as cartwheels.

Week 3


For Topic and Literacy the children were writing exclamations and rhetorical questions using fronted adverbials to make their writing interesting to read.  We are writing about King John's lost treasure in the Wash.


In Numeracy, the children have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10's, 100's and 1000's and comparing units of measurement for capacity.  Also being positive about negative numbers.


For Science, the children continued from last week by showing direction of forces acting on objects in a diagram.

P.E. This week, the children continued practising their gymnastics positions by creating balances and movements at different levels.

Week 2


What a busy week we have had!  Here's a snapshot of some of the things our children have been learning this week.


For Numeracy, the children have been looking at place value and reasoning to solve number problems. We also looked at comparing metric and imperial measures for capacity.  In Science, the children investigated how forces are measured and how these change on different surfaces.  The children started to plan their stories set on an Island in Literacy.

In P.E. this week, the children were practising their balancing skills, showing different way to create quality balances.
For Topic, the children explored how butter is produced.  They had a go at making some butter too.  We think they enjoyed this practical lesson - many happy faces eating their own school-made butter with crackers! 
Mrs Nichols and the children practised on the ocarinas, getting reading to perform at the Harvest Festival.

Week 1


Our Topic for this term will be Farming.  Over the holidays, the children have made some amazing models of cows.  Some have researched and written about cows as well as how the process works for cows producing milk.  


In Numeracy, the children have been working on roman numerals and learnt how to reason using roman numerals.  For Literacy, the children wrote a piece of writing using descriptive language on the trees they have researched earlier in the week.  Religious Education - the children researched and discussed how the bible teaches people how to treat each other.  Mrs Nicholls was very proud of our children as they all persevered using the bible to find the information they were looking for.  

In Science this week the children have been looking at the different classifications of trees.  They started off by investigating and identifying what type of trees we have on our school field.   They collated information about the different structures of the trees by measuring the girth, looking at how the branches spread out, the shape of the leaves,  and took pictures of their findings.   How could you measure the height of the tree?  Is the bark of one tree the same as another?   Why are trees so different?  The investigations continue...

A good start to the year this week.  We have some very exciting lessons planned and the children are very excited for their learning.
Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.