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Term 2

Week 7


With the run up to Christmas, the children went to Spalding Baptist Church for the annual cookie decorating and learnt about the traditional story of Mary and Joseph.

Week 6


For English this week, children have been improving persuasive writing by using a greater variety of conjunctions.  We've written letters to our local MP.  In Maths, children have been using bar models to help them to solve number problems and in Science, they have found ways to show that light travels in straight lines.

Our children have written letters in french to our pen-pals in London and wished them a "Joyeux Noel".  In P.E., we have been rehearsing a dance to show to our parents on Monday afternoon and passing a rugby ball to the person behind in tag rugby.
We also had children from Cherry Class join us to help prepare for the Christingle Service.

Week 5


For Maths this week the children have been working out the perimeters and areas of rectilinear shapes.  We have worked out a formula to help us to calculate the area of rectangles and triangles.

In Literacy, the children have been continuing to use persuasive vocabulary and have started to write a letter, about matters they care about, to our local MP John Hayes.  At the end of the week, the children had a debate about: Should children go to bed at 8.30pm? The children really enjoyed this debate and gave good arguments for and against.
In P.E. the children were still developing their dance skills and practising a performance where they all dance in unison.  For Science,  having identified light sources, the children explored which materials let light through and which do not.  They found that some materials let light through, but cannot see through them clearly.  These are called translucent materials.  Those which you can see through are transparent and those that block out light completely are called opaque.

Week 4


During English and Music this week, we have been studying the features of adverts, writing adverts and even composing a jingle with an oscinato accompaniment.

In Maths, our year 5 children have been learning how to find common denominators to add and subtract fractions and our year six children have been multiplying fractions as well.
For P.E., we have been finding out how to pass a rugby ball efficiently so that we can pass it along a row as we run down the playground.  In Science, we have made circuits from diagrams to find out how different components in circuits change.
On Thursday afternoon, Elm Class took part in a crime scene investigation with Naomi and our mini police.  They had to investigate a scenario and solve who had committed the crime.  Our children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and had so much fun trying to solve the 'pretend' burglary.

Week 3


We have had such a busy week; Highlight of the week - Road Safety Talk from Gist Lorries.  Finding out amazing facts about the lorries, like single lorry can weigh up to 44 tonnes when fully loaded.  That would be the same weight as 76 cows - wow!  Children were allowed to climb into the driver's cab, and even heard the horn.... it was really loud!

For Literacy this week, the children were studying features of persuasive writing.  Using superlative adjectives and comparing facts with fiction.  For Maths, we were comparing information given in pie charts and bar graphs.  The children carried out a survey on each other to see how many children liked different kinds of fruits.  This information was collated and then represented by drawing our own graphs.

In Science, the children were investigating materials which would make good electrical insulators and those which are conductors.  For Geography/History - the children were discovering how a worldwide food transporting industry began as a small plant business in Spalding and developed into importing bananas from the Windward Islands in the Caribbean to the U.K. in 1953.  Children plotted the journey the ships make.

On Friday, it was a non-uniform day and the children all made eye-patches to raise money for Children in Need.  

Week 2


Most of our Year 6 children have been busy with Bike-ability Training this week learning how to be safe on the road...even in the rain!

For Maths, the children have been using their understanding of fractions to create and interpret pie charts.  Carrying out a class survey about eating vegetables and fruit and comparing with a National Survey in the U.K.  We found out that we need to eat more vegetables and fruit a day to help keep a healthy balanced lifestyle.
For Literacy this week, the children enjoyed a workshop about Shakespeare's plays.  Following this, the children worked on developing their acting skills and then writing their own plays based around Romeo and Juliet and acting these out.  
In Science, the children investigated what happens when the number of batteries and light bulbs are changed in a simple circuit.  Finding out the size of a battery is not the same as the power it has.

Week 1


We have had a busy start to this term.  In Numeracy, our Year 5 children have been consolidating how to use formal written methods for dividing.  Our Year 6 children have found out how to do long division.


For Literacy, children have been working hard to make improvements in their writing.  Using Shakesperian language to write a speech for Prospero, a character in The Tempest.

For P.E. this week, in theme with Shakespeare, the children created dance sequences to the music of Westside Story, a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.



In Science, the children have been trying to work out what symbols are used to draw electrical circuits and in French, we have been learning words for members of 'ma famille'.


For Topic and Geography, we have been using co-ordinates to find countries that food is exported from and imported to UK.

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.