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Term 3

Another Term!

That's the end of yet another term! We are officially half way through the school year- where has the time gone? It has been a brilliant term and Holly Class have been an absolute pleasure to teach. Thank you to all parents who I had a chance to chat with at our parent evenings. Have a great break, see you on 24th February. yes

Measuring Length

This week's maths has involved choosing appropriate equipment and units to measure length in the classroom and the playground. We have worked hard to convert measurements into different units to be able to compare them and answer problems. A great week!


Internet Safety Day

Today was internet safety day and it was great to see just how much Holly Class have remembered from all our class work in the autumn term when we created PowerPoints to teach the younger children how to stay safe online. Yesterday, our school council members helped to run an internet safety assembly for everyone. This morning, our very own Miss Newton ran another assembly with the newly created JOSOs (Junior Online Safety Officers) from Year 5. A great refresher for all of us!

End of Magnets Work with a Game!

After some assessment questions, we ended our unit of work by using our knowledge of magnets to create a simple game with a partner.

Next term- electricity! yes

Collective Worship

Great to see one of our Collective Worship Council members starting assembly today. yes

Science Madness!

Wow! What a morning! Our Science professor showed us lots of wonderful investigations whilst explaining the science behind them. We were able to all have a turn at so many of them which really brought them to life and left us buzzing for more. All the children have taken home a card to access a free book of investigations at home- we hope you are able to try some!

Bird Watch Week Assembly

Everyone read their lines beautifully and showed off their work with pride!

Bird Watch Week Work

In case you could not make it to our assembly, here is some of our work from bird watch week. heart

Roald Dahl's Writing Sheds

Time for making tables, shelves and filing cabinets today!

Science Investigation

Today we investigated the poles of a magnet by making our own floating compasses.

Our Bird Watch Week Presentation

We hope to see lots of you on Wednesday morning when we will be sharing some of the work we have done this week with the school and visitors. Please join us in the hall at 9am for about half an hour when each class will have a chance to share.

House Sparrow Poems and Fact Files

All week we have been creating fact files and poetry about our class bird to share with other classes and parents next week.

House Sparrows in Water Colours

Our afternoon started with our first introduction to water colours as a class. We draw our class bird carefully then used the water colours to bring it to life.

Our Bird Watch Afternoon

It was very cold but it did not stop us venturing out with our binoculars for an hour to try to spot some birds. Our feathery friends obviously thought it was too cold though as we did not see a huge number although we did see robins, starlings, magpies, gulls and blackbirds.


Bird Watch Week

Our bird watching got off to a great start by getting up close and personal with some feathery visitors from a rescue shelter in Norfolk. We were able to meet a raven, barn own, kestrel, dove, kookaburra and young gull. It was such a privilege to be able to experience this first thing on a Monday morning in school and really got us thinking about all the other activities we will be doing throughout the week. yes

Jonathan Broom Edwards

A great way to finish on a Friday afternoon is with a visit from one of our Inspire+ super stars! Jonathan came in to talk to us about body language and how it can help us to have confidence in ourselves.


Our first lesson and we all learnt 2 chords! This looks like it is going to be a GREAT term for learning how to play an instrument. heart

Bird Cake

Our bird cake is now made and ready to hang out to bring the birds to our school grounds. Hopefully we will be able to see and identify lots next week during our Bird Watch Week. 

Happy 'twitching' this weekend when you do you Garden Watch homework!

My Secrets of Success Record

Every child now has their own record booklet and is aiming to have each of the eight secrets signed by Mrs Upsall by Easter for a treat with Mrs Fitzgerald. Continuous effort is needed not just a one off effort. I wonder who will complete their booklet in time? It is not an easy task.

Our Writing Shed Models

After successfully painting the interior of our sheds last week, we attempted to make Mr Dahl's chair and writing board today. It was not a easy activity for many and there was a lot of need for perseverance and determination to get it done.

Science Magnet Strength Investigation

Today we investigated the strength of the different magnets in the classroom using paperclips. The strongest one was the "plug" magnet as most groups were able to get 5 paperclips to hang from it in a long chain.

Roald Dahl Writing Shed Models

Today we started our models of Roald Dahl's writing shed by painting the walls and floor. Next week, we will start the fiddly task of making all the miniature items inside. 

**Please can parents send in small boxes eg raisin boxes, bottle tops, straws, anything that the children might be able to use to make the small pieces. Thank you.

Magnetic Fun

Today in our science work, we investigated the properties of magnets.

Team Flag Winners

We are pleased to announce that two of the four team flag designs were chosen from designs by children in Holly Class! The whole class is so proud of our two winners and look forward to seeing the finished flags later this year. yes

Our School Values

We have been thinking about how our school values are important to us. Everyone is hopeful for a successful 2020 and we know that if we show each other love and have faith in ourselves and others, we will have a great year. heart

Forces in Science

Our science work has started off with an investigation into friction. After some problems with the equipment, we thought as scientists and decided to retest to check the accuracy of our results. We have found out which surface materials cause more friction for a travelling vehicle and will slow it down. We have discussed how the grip on our shoes helps us not to slide over and how important it is for cars and bikes to have good breaks.

Multiplication and Division

We are continuing our mastery approach to our mathematical work this term in our multiplication and division work. Everyone has shown that they can link their understanding using practical resources, pictures they have drawn and written calculations. It is a great way to make sure that we really understand what all those calculations mean!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back t another busy year in Holly Class. This term's topic is 'What would it be like to live in the world of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake?'

Please can show boxes be in by the end of this week as we will be starting to use them on Tuesday 14th January to make our Roald Dahl Writing Shed models.

Our Science topic if about Forces and Magnets which is great for lots of investigations.

Birdwatch Week starts 27th January and we hope everyone can start the week off at home by joining in The Big Garden Watch on 25th/26th January (more details to follow).

Last term we were very pleased to welcome Mrs Harewood to the Holly Class but this term we will be sorry to say goodbye to Miss Candler as she moves on to the school she will be completing her teacher training in. Good luck!

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.