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Term 3

Week 1



Willow class have begun looking at traditional folktales and in keeping with our new topic this term have been reading a story based in India called 'The Tiger Child'.  The first task consisted of listening to the story whilst making brief notes about key events, these were then translated to a one hundred word synopsis of the story.  In pairs, the children took it in turns to re-tell the story whilst their partner filmed them using an iPad so these could later be assessed. 










In numeracy this week we have been working with fractions.  The class have been finding equivalent fractions as well as simplifying them using fraction walls and mathematical techniques involving multiplication and division facts.  Through the use of a fraction game, using number cards, the children were able to consolidate their learning whilst competing against a partner to score the most points. 





Week 2



We began the week introducing the class to the story of Rama and Sita, another traditional folktale from India.  The class have been comparing different versions of the story and completing a review of their favourite one.







During our science lessons we have been looking at different states of matter.  The class have sorted pictures of different objects into categories depending on whether they are a solid, liquid or gas.  Through the use of diagrams we have examined the difference between each state of matter, examining how the molecules are arranged and move.  





Week 3



After hearing the beginning of the story 'The Girl in the Forest', Willow class have been working in groups to discuss and predict the ending.  Each group began by making a plan for the ending, ensuring they included details about the characters, setting and plot.  Once their plan was completed the groups were given time to rehearse acting out their ending before performing them to the class.









During our PE lessons this week, the class have been working on their co-ordination and accuracy skills.  They were given a task where they were required to simultaneously throw a tennis ball and kick a football to a partner.  An interesting session!





Week 4



We have continued working with both improper and mixed number fractions and began the week working on our multiplication skills.  The class consolidated their learning through a matching pairs game and a jigsaw.  During the matching pairs game they needed to find two calculations that resulted in the same answer.  The jigsaw contained calculations, answers and needed to be assembled correctly ensuring the corresponding answer was placed next to the relevant calculation.  In subsequent lessons, decimals have also been introduced and the class have been converting between fractions and decimals to find equivalent pairs.  









The class have been introduced to another Indian folktale this week called 'The Old Man and the Magic Bowl'.  We have been discussing features of the story and sharing opinions regarding the characters, plot and moral message.  Through the use of dictionaries, the class have been able to identify the meanings of any tricky words used in the story.







In groups of five, Willow class were set a rather challenging task in PE this week.  Each group was given one ball and told to choose a sequence in which the ball would be passed to each member of the group, without passing it to an adjacent person.  Once this sequence had been memorised they were given thirty seconds to complete the sequence, without dropping the ball.  If a group succeeded they were then given a second ball and repeated the process.  All the groups tried very hard and one of them even managed to get up to three balls!







Willow class have been investigating how materials change matter when heated or cooled.  In groups, they completed an investigation where they heated different objects to see how their states of matter were affected.  Each object was then left to cool to see if any further change occurred.  





Shona McCalin Challenge

This week the whole school took part in the Shona McCalin Challenge.  Each class was split into teams and took turns to complete a task using Unihoc sticks and balls.  They had to take it in turns to maneuver the ball around a course as many times as possible to cover the distance from our school to London.  Results to be revealed shortly!










Week 5



Willow class have been working in groups to prepare and perform a poem called 'Dinosaur Rap'.  Each group has been exploring the effect intonation, tone, volume and actions can have when performing by planning and rehearsing their own version of the poem.  During the planning stage the groups assigned parts to each member before deciding how they would perform the poem.  After some rehearsal time, each group performed their version to the whole class.  It was great fun!













During this term we have looked at different types of artefacts including: statues, pottery, seals and board games.  The class have been designing their own Indus Valley inspired artefacts and this week began making them using clay.  Once dry, the children will have the opportunity to paint them if they wish and we are all very excited to see the end results.








Trim Trail Project

Each class has had the opportunity to look at different brochures containing possible replacement equipment to the section of the trim trail that is due to be removed.  During this week, Willow class have looked at and discussed the options and have put together a list of suggestions they they would like to see installed.  This was a great opporutnity to develop their discussion and negotiation skills and there were some interesting points raised during the debates.





In our numeracy lessons this week we have continued to focus on fractions, decimals and now also percentages.  The class have been exploring the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages and using mathematical strategies to convert between them.  In pairs, they consolidated their learning through a game involving rolling a dice to randomly select a fraction and finding an equivalent decimal or percentage.  The first player to obtain four spaces in a row on the game board was the winner.










Week 6



This week in literacy, the class have been looking at how verbs can be used in an active or passive way in sentences.  They have identified the subject, verb and object in various sentences and re-written them using the verb passively by switching the subject and object around.  In pairs, they were also given a selection of words that, placed in the correct order formed four specific sentences.  It was very interesting seeing the variety of sentences the class were able to make.








Whole School Performance

It has been an extremely busy and exciting last week of term with the rehearsals and three amazing performances that the whole school took part in.  All of the children have worked extremely hard learning lines, songs and not to mention dance moves and they did a brilliant job in showcasing their many talents.  If you had the opportunity to see the production we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!













Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.