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Term 4

Week 3


This week we have been taking part in Sports Relief activities and completed circuit training exercises in PE lessons.  In English, we have been editing stories about creation and learning about different forms of past and present tense.


In Maths. we have studies perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes and learning to use formulas for working out the area of any triangle and parallelogram.  We have also been learning about very large numbers like quintillion and octillion.  To help us to comprehend what just one million looks like, we drew nets of 1cm cubed.  We were surprised how big it was!


In Science, we found out that snails come in all shapes and sizes and that there are many different species of snails.  But we also discovered that snails lived 99 million years ago because one was found in a piece of amber.

Week 2

In Science, we have been finding out how the planet Earth began and why so many life forms are on it.  We discovered that there are more than one theory to explain how it all started, and the evidence is found by studying fossils.  We linked this in with World Book Week and explored stories of creation which come from all around the world.  We thought about the similarities and differences between them.  Finally, we decided we could create our own stories about creation and indeed create them by designing and making story bags.


Next week, we will write down our stories and make them into books.  Along with all of this, we have carried on in our effort to defeat to eat them, tasting drinks with carrot juice and preparing to design a healthy new drink.


In Maths, we have completed imperial units of measurement with metric measures.


Week 1


This week has been a very healthy week - discovering the great taste of many vegetables.  We are determined to @Eat it to defeat it'! On Monday, the children enjoyed cooking a Japanese based recipe (in preparation for the Olympics in the Summer).  The children were given a challenge pack to do at home.


In Maths, we used our measuring skills to measure: the length, circumference, surface area, mass and even volume of metric and imperial measures.


In English, we have looked at what 'root' words are and how to identify them; we also explored past and present tense and discovered that when finding synonyms in a Thesaurus, we need to use the present tense.  We have been thinking of ways to edit writing and make improvements.


In Art & Design, we used our drawing skills to create and design for a story bag which was inspired by a sunflower seed.


Boston United came to show us some skills in football for P.E which was great fun and the children should be practising 'tick-tocks' at home every day to see how many times they can touch the ball in 30 seconds.



Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.