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Term 4

Our Roundhouse Homework

A huge well done to those children who put lots of time and effort into their project homework this term. It was great to see the different materials that were used to make the homes, such as: Lego, clay, mud, straw, cocktail sticks, carpet glue, plasticene, paper, stones, card, paint, sticks and even an old lampshade. Thank you to all the parents who have supported their children- we hope you have made some lovely memories spending this time together. heart

Willow class really enjoyed being our audience this afternoon as we shared our models and told them about other activities we have been doing linked to our term's topic. In return, some of the year 5s were able to tell the children what to expect on our visit to West Stow as they fondly recalled when they went two years ago. Mrs Earth was impressed by the home works and took time to talk to the children about what they had been doing (she will be teacher to most of the class in just 2 terms time...)

Musical Performance

Holly Class were proud of our class members who performed to the rest of the school today! We had three pianists and a group of singers- fantastic! no

Cricket World Cup

Please see the letter sent home tonight for the chance to see a World Cup match this summer! Tickets are all sold out but we have 32 available for KS2 children so make sure you get your slip back in first! It will be an incredible day out. no Another fantastic experience for some of our young people in Holly Class!

School of Rock

Please see letter and parent mail for more details about Thursday. Thank you.

Roundhouses Homework

We look forward to seeing everyone's interpretations of a roundhouse on Monday as our term's homework is due in. Willow class are coming in Tuesday afternoon for us to explain to them what we have been doing about homes in the past this term and ask us about our homework projects. A real chance to show off what we know to an audience!

Gardening Club

Gardening Club were busy again planting more of the bulbs donated by Butters this week. We have even hung up two new hanging baskets at KS1 end of the school. If anyone has any more spare baskets they can donate, we would be very appreciative so we can also make baskets for the KS2 end of school.

Our final Gardening Club session is on Wednesday (even with the disco being on from 5).

START Theatre Visit Day

A huge well done to the children for today- they worked really hard! Our frog dance looks great and we have a fantastic song that we have created together as well. We now look forward to our final rehearsal and performance to parents in June. no

Science- Teeth

Today we found out more about our teeth. Everyone has brought home a toothbrush and some toothpaste as a free sample from Colgate- please discuss further with your child the need to clean our teeth twice daily and ask them what else they have found out about human teeth. 

Homework Reminder

Homework projects for the term are due in on Monday 1st April although they are very welcome before then. The children will be sharing what they have made, how and why with Willow Class on Tuesday afternoon along with their PowerPoints and recorded Derw stories. All projects will be returned home at the end of school Tuesday.

Red Nose Day

A huge thank you to Miss Gould for organising our inter-team netball goals competition. We had great fun and supported each other very LOUDLY on Friday afternoon. We were glad to see lots of donations in the pot to go to this fantastic charity- thank you parents!

Legacy Challenge

Well done to the Holly Class children who have been doing their Sarah Outen Legacy Challenge homework as they have been receiving their certificates this week. I am really proud of the children for thinking about these challenges at home with their parents and completing them. A huge well done to Liam (and his mum!) as he has now collected FOUR out of the five certificates- just one more to go. no

Our Science Week Parents Afternoon

Wow! Thank you SO much to everyone who was able to come in this afternoon! Thank you again to Dexter's grandad for making yet another wooden planter for us (that's three now!) and thank you to Isla's grandad for his wooden planter too. You saw just how excited the children were, especially around the pond. You all made it a very successful afternoon and the pond looks so much better. Thank you to Lillie-Mae's dad for your pond keeping advice! no

Litter Picking

With the awful wind this morning, I suggested postponing our litter pick around the local area until another day but the children would not hear of it so out we went! A big thank you to Miss Bristowe (again) for giving us your time. no


Science Week

It has started today! Don't forget to join us at 1:30 in Holly Class on Wednesday to make planters out of recycled rubbish before planting some seeds which we will watch grow over the coming weeks and look forward to cropping!

If you have any secateurs and rubber gloves, please bring them along on Wednesday for a little work in the pond too as well as looking for signs of spring around in school.

If the wind and rain tries to ruin our fun, parents are invited to stay inside to help us with our recycling posters for the school competition as well as a little artwork.

Thank you for your continued support. no


We won Fishkeepers of the week this week, beating all the other schools taking part in the project around the country. Our weekly updates have impressed the judges and they have loved the extra pieces of homework we have been producing. We have a £25 voucher winging its way to us (which is needed to replenish our Bio-boost and fishfood supplies!)frown

Flag Fen

We had an amazing day out on Friday and were praised by our leader, Alex, for our enthusiasm and good behaviour. no

We had the chance to be hands on archaeologists with artefacts from the past and sculptors when we made our Beaker People styled pots. In the afternoon, we were treated to a guided tour of the site and a traditional story around the fire in a roundhouse- what a treat! Ask us to retell you the story- it is our Literacy task all this week! A big thank you to Mrs Dobrowolski for your help.

Hanging Baskets

Does anyone have any old hanging baskets and/or brackets they can donate to us? Gardening Club would like to create hanging baskets outside each classroom using some of the bulbs that Butters so kindly donated to us last week. smiley

START Project

Please remember to return permission slips for our day at the South Holland Centre with Adriano learning our dance for our performance in June- it will be a fantastic day! We are so lucky to be able to take our learning outside of school so much. heart

Extra Maths Homework (as requested by some parents)

All linked to recent class work:

Science- the human skeleton

Links to our class work:

Toda,y we needed to work together to draw in the outline of a body where we thought the bones should be. We then tried to match the x-rays to the correct parts of the body before learning the names of some of the bones and thinking about why we actually have a skeleton.

Loving the Fish

We have had even more fantastic extra work done at home linked to our Fishkeeper Project!

Fishkeeper Fry

This week has been very exciting because on Tuesday, Liam and Laith spotted eggs on a leave and two fish fry (baby fish!). One of our new Fishkeeper of the Week's jobs has been to clean the inside glass of the tank.

Legacy Challenge

Our homework this week is part of the Sarah Outen Lagacy Challenge to create two healthy recipes to make, linking with our Science work this week about nutrition and the Eat Well plate. Three children have created their recipes already and one child has made one of his too, bringing a piece in to show. Yum!no

Gardening Club

Gardening Club had our first expedition into the gardening shed... where we found spiders, flies and woodlice as well as some plant pots, trowels, watering can and gardening gloves. We then set to work trying to clear the two large planters near the pond- what a job! There were lots of laughs and we enjoyed the challenge but there is still a long way to go. We will continue next

Sharing a Love of Allan Ahlberg and Judith Kerr

Today we had the chance to read a whole range of books together by these two authors. We discussed what the stories were about, what we liked about them and the links in writing style across the books by the author. Children are borrowing the books to take outside to read at play times too! We look good stories. heart


Lots of Authors!

Today we started the new term by looking through LOTS of different books by the authors: Judith Kerr, Roger Hargreaves, Julia Donaldson, Allan Ahlberg, Eric Carle, Michael Morpurgo, Rob Scotton and Dr Suess, also mentioning Roald Dahl, Dick King-Smith and David Walliams. Any of these authors write great stories which children love. Tomorrow we will be focusing on the stories by Allan Ahlberg and Judith Kerr. We will also be finding out a little more about the authors themselves before planning and writing letters to them to find out more!

Science Week!

It is with us again- Science Week! Except this year we are starting early and hoping to make it last for the rest of the school year at least as we are Looking After Our Local Environment.

As was stated in last term's newsletter, there is lots going on which we need your help with. This week, please send in your old 2litre bottles (washed out) and boxes for us to make planters in a couple of weeks in class with you! Have a look at this week's homework, one for the whole family to get involved in, a photography competition. no

Fractions Monkeys!

**This game needs Flash to be able to play

Fractions of Numbers

There are lots of levels to choose from in this game to practise finding fractions of numbers. Let Mrs Upsall know what your highest score is!

Homework Overview for the Term


Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.