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Term 4

Week 1

We hope you have all had a fantastic half term! This week has been a lot of fun so far - involving science experiments, literacy games and BOYS sentences.


As mentioned, the children began learning BOYS sentences - an acronym for the conjunctions of but, or, yet and so - this week and began working on making their own posters to teach other children what BOYS sentences are. 

In literacy, the children had lots of fun working in groups to design a game based around 3 ed sentences. After they had finished, they then got to showcase their games to the rest of the class.
Week 2
More Young Journalists this week, as the children began working on yet more news reports.
Today was World Book Day!  The children were super excited to share with us their favourite book and just why it was so special to them. Also, as part of International Women's Day, Willow class spent the day researching  influential women in history and creating a fact file about them - all ready to put together and make our own book. 

Week 3


We have been very creative in Willow class this week! Using a variety of different materials and paints to create our own portraits of Henry VIII.
This week, Willow class have been looking at a variety of different texts based around different arguments. Relating this to our tudor topic, the children then had to read texts about Henry VIII and decide whether or not the points made were for or against Henry being a cruel king.
Yet more creativity today, with parents getting involved too! Making use of plastic rather than wasting it, the children all got the opportunity in making their own plant pots which they then used for planting different seeds. We were very impressed with the variety of ideas and designs they all had for their plant pots!
Week 4
We all had a fantastic day yesterday on our trip to Burghley House. During the trip, we got the opportunity to see many of the amazing rooms throughout the house as we went on our tour, learning the stories behind each room that was built - along with many of the different monarchs who were involved here. However, before we began the tour, the children had to all dress up as tudors, wearing all kinds of tunics and dresses. After we had the tour, the children then got the chance to experience many of the different tudor games, such as Lord Bead and Execution; we even got to enjoy a tudor-style dance! Lastly, to finish off what had already been a brilliant day, the children decorated and made their very own tudor purse.
Week 5
Willow class have been practising their football skills this week for P.E, focusing particularly on their passing and intercepting skills.
For topic this week, we have been researching for a newspaper report based around different aspects of Henry VIII's life. Beginning their newspaper report, the children worked in partners to plan their newspaper headline.
As part of science this week, the children have been learning all about reversible and irreversible changes. After watching a video on the subject, the children were given different pictures (chocolate, for example) which they then had to arrange based on whether they thought that picture was reversible or irreversible. As well as this, Willow class also got involved in performing an experiment based on reversible and irreversible changes through the use of dark, white and milk chocolate chips. To begin this experiment, the children had to make their own box where the chips would go; after that, we then went outside and began to time how long it would take for the chocolate to melt in the sun. After the chocolate had melted, it was then put in the fridge to cool down and solidify - providing an example of a reversible matter.
Week 6
More science this week as Willow class have learned all about different habitats, this is in addition to the different characteristics all living organisms should have. They also got the opportunity to learn about venn diagrams and caroll diagrams, arranging various different organisms into these diagrams based on certain criteria, such as whether or not they lived on land, which the children chose. After they had done this, the children then had a great opportunity to go outside and investigate the different creatures in different habitats.
Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.