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Term 4

Week 1



Willow class have been identifying the difference between past progressive and present progressive tense as part of our literacy lessons this week.  Whilst working in pairs they demonstrated their understanding by playing a game involving two dice and a game board.  One dice contained different verbs, the other one would determine whether the sentence needed to be written in past progressive or present progressive tense.  After rolling the dice each player constructed a sentence using the relevant verb and in the correct tense, if this was done correctly they were able to shade a space on the game board.  At the end of the game the winning player would be the one with the most spaces shaded on the game board.







In groups, the class have begun planning an investigation that can prove that water evaporates when exposed to sunlight.  They have discussed and recorded a strategy including: what they are trying to find out, what equipment they will use, instructions and diagrams to show how the investigation will be set up, any predictions they have of the outcome and how they will ensure the test is conducted fairly.  Next week, they will have the opportunity to carry out their investigations and it will be interesting to see if their predictions were correct.




Teamwork with Sophie Allen    

We had the great opportunity this week to take part in some teamwork activities with the competition swimmer Sophie Allen, who has represented Great Britain in the Olympics, European championships and is now an Inspire+ ambassador.  The class had to complete different tasks both in small groups and altogether focused on developing their teamwork, especially their listening and communication skills.  Although challenging at times, it was great fun and brilliant to see the children making a real effort to collaborate with others, even those they may not normally work with.













Week 2



During PE this week the class participated in a game called 'Beat the Buzzer'.  The focus of the lesson was to work well in a team by praising, encouraging and helping team-mates by giving constructive feedback.  Each pupil was required to take on different roles, cooperate well and communicate ideas on how to play the game and improve.  Working in teams of five, each group had to ensure they followed the rules of the game and took turns competing against each of the other teams.  It was lots of fun!







Each pupil has designed a piece of Indus Valley inspired jewellery and this week we began using clay to make our designs.  The class have created beads of different shapes and sizes which will later be painted and threaded onto a piece of coloured wire.  Some of the children have also decided to add detail to their beads by using various tools to create markings on the clay. 









Week 3



We have continued working on decimals and fractions in numeracy and this week have been using them in the context of measuring length and consolidating our understanding of tenths and hundredths and their equivalent fractions.  The class worked in pairs to find items to measure around the school using a ruler.  They were required to first write the measurement as a decimal and then convert it into a mixed number fraction.  Pupils have also been consolidating their learning by exploring and completing different online numeracy games focused on decimals.  They found some super activities and evaluated these, giving them a score out of 10 and reasons for this score.  








World Book Day

Due to the snow, World Book Day was postponed until Wednesday this week and the class enjoyed dressing up as a great variety of book characters.  We had some absolutely wonderful costumes and everyone looked amazing!  We enjoyed a day full of World Book Day inspired activies including each pupil writing a poem inspired by the beautiful story 'Malala's Magic Pencil' by Malala Yousafzai, designing a world book token and sharing their favourite stories with the class.







During our RE lesson this week  we learnt about the history of Mothering Sunday and the significance the day holds in Christianity.  We also made beautiful Mothering Sunday cards which will be making their way home to you this week in time for Sunday. 






Night at the Theatre

On Thursday, Willow and Holly class had the opporutnity to visit the South Holland Centre again to watch another great performance.  'Night at the Theatre' is a story of three friends who find an abandoned theatre, little do they know they will soon become the stars of their own show.  Through the use of dance and acting as well as alot of audience interaction and participation the pupils were given a wonderful experience which they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy.








Week 4



During our literacy lessons this week, we have continued looking at different types of persuasive texts.  The class have been working in groups to read and discuss different examples of persuasive texts focusing on the key features and identifying language features and their effect on the reader.  These activities are in preparation for the class to begin writing their own text in the form of a letter to school governors regarding the start and finish of the school day.







The class have been consolidating their understanding of doubling and halving whole numbers and decimals in numeracy this week and have completed a number of activities with this focus.  Some of these activities have included: working with a partner to randomly generate numbers to double or halve using dice; checking their answers using a calculator and designing and creating a doubling and halving whole numbers board game for other pupils in the class to play.  






Dance Workshop

Willow class had a great opportunity to take part in a dance workshop led by Tim and Andy, two members of Casson and Friends, the dance theatre company who produced 'Night at the Theatre'.  The class completed lots of different activities focused on using and moving their bodies in different and interesting ways.  Working in groups, they had to create still poses that reperesented each of the main events during the show they had watched the previous week at the South Holland Centre.  Pupils could either choose to be one of the main characters, audience members or props from the show.  Between each pose the groups were required to transition to the next by moving their bodies in one of the ways rehearsed earlier in the workshop.  After suffcient rehearsal time, the class came together to watch each group's performance and at the end of the workshop had the opportunity to ask Tim and Andy any questions they had about themselves or the show.  It was wonderful to hear the positive comments Tim and Andy had to say about the class, especially the fact that they worked extremely well as a team and had lots of enthusiasm, producing interesting moves and fantastic poses.  Well done Willow class!  



















Week 5


As part of our numeracy lessons last week, Willow class have been designing and creating games focused on halving and doubling whole numbers.  The class had the opportunity to play and evaluate each others games this week and gave feedback to the game designer regarding the design, instructions, ease and enjoyment of play and finally its effectiveness to help with the consolidation of their learning.  There were some great designs and this was a brilliant opportunity to create our own numeracy resources and share each others work.   Well done everybody!









During literacy this week, the class have worked in groups to correctly identify the use of apostrophes, including finding and correcting any errors in different types of text.  If a group discovered an apostrophe being used incorrectly, they had to alter the text and also explain why it had been used incorrectly by idenityfing what punctuation rule should have been used.  Groups were required to work collaboratively, discussing and sharing their ideas and ensuring each member had an equal opporutnity to contribute.









Willow class have continued working on their Indus Valley inspired jewellery this week by painting the clay beads they had made previously.  Once the beads have had time to dry, they will be threaded onto a piece of coloured wire to complete their piece of jewellery.  During our topic lessons this term, we have also been learning about Gandhi and each pupil has drawn and begun painting a portrait of Gandhi to accompany a biography they have written about him.  We definitely have some budding artists!








Sport Relief

To raise money for Sport Relief, Willow class have been completing a sponspored mile everyday this week in an effort to support this wonderful charity.  The class have shown great determination and stamina by pushing themselves everyday to either run or walk around the school playground to complete their mile.  We look forward to finding out how much the class and whole school raisies in the coming days!







On Wednesday afternoon the whole school got to see a wonderful production caller 'Eureka' by the Arty-Fact Theatre Company.  This fun packed performance was all about maths, full of problem solving for the whole school.  We hope all the children found it both educational and entertaining and it is always great to welcome guests to share new opportuities and experiences with the children.







Willow class have been learning to play the ocarina during their music lessons this term and have worked together as an ensemble to perform several pieces of music including 'London's Burning' and more recently 'Lord of the Dance'.  The lesson begins by playing through a scale to warm up the fingers and remind ourselves of the notes that can be played on the ocarina.  After this, the class plays various pieces of music focussing on the use of one note but using different rhythms.  We have focused on the importance of working as a team, ensuring we begin and end together.  The class are now able to perform 'London's Burning' as a four part round and have learnt 'Lord of the Dance', a slightly more advanced piece.  Everyone seems to really enjoy playing the ocarina and there is a great sense of excitement and achievment when the class peforms well together.






Week 6


London Trip

The week began with our year five pupils taking a trip to London.  During the trip they were given a tour around the Palace of Westminster and enjoyed a ride on the London Eye.  Everyone had a great time and it was a wonderful opportunity to see the sights of our capital city as well as learn more about UK parliament.










As part of our topic this term the class have made Indus Valley inspired jewellery using clay, paint and coloured wire.  The children worked hard designing and creating their pieces and were very happy with how they all turned out and we're sure you'll agree that they all look brilliant!












Collective Worship

As part of the schools Easter celebration each class have made a different type of cross during their RE lesson.   Willow class made their own palm crosses using sugar paper and by carefully folding the paper to form the correct shape.  The class worked very hard and listened well to instructions to complete each step, ensuring each fold was made correctly.  During our last collective worship of the term each class showed their crosses and spoke about their significance to the rest of the school.   The crosses were then pinned onto a larger black cross, the end result looked amazing and is on display as you enter the school.







Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.