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Term 5

Week 5


Well its been a super busy week here in Elm class!  Year 6 have worked extremely hard on trying their best at their SATs, and the year 5 children have been split into the lower key stage classes helping out our little ones within the school.  


We did manage to have some fun during afternoon lessons.  In Art, the children have been working hard on a special project for our lower key stage children.  Over the last couple of weeks, they have been busy planning and constructing play mats for the younger children to enjoy.  Next week, they will be presenting their finished work to Cherry class!

In DT, continuing on from our printing, the children designed and made their own prints using string and cardboard.  They will be able to see how successful they have been next week when they will be able to test the stencils.
What better way to end the week with a couple of fun challenges -  designing your very own Royal Wedding Dress and World Cup Strip!  Yes.. our children were super, super excited when Mrs Farrell set the challenges.  The only information during the designing task they were given was to create, measure accurately and design carefully.  They were not given any information about what material(s) they would have to make their creations in the afternoon.  Check out their creations!

Week 4

This week, our children have been continuing their work on writing documentaries, thinking about what information is relevant and essential to make their documentaries more interesting.


For Numeracy, we re-visited angles, area, perimeter and volumes of shapes and in Science, the children learnt how to use fossils as evidence of evolution by looking at the fossilisation process as weathering and erosion takes place.


In Art, the children have been designing their own print and printing blocks inspired by our topic - our planet.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish our Year 6's good luck next week during their final SATs.  We are very proud of them all, they are truly all brilliant!

Week 3

To celebrate the end of science week, the whole school had a collective worship on Tuesday, joined by some parents and carers, where each class presented their research and fact files about their given planets and astronauts. Each class were given the opportunity to show the amazing artwork they had created and the winners from the rocket making competition were announced.

For Literacy this week, the children were given a cold task to write their own documentary on an animal or species of their choice.  They had to research the animals, look at their habitats and environments.  From the information they had researched, they each wrote a documentary - they were given the chance to read out their documentaries to the class and we were amazed with all of their work.
In Science, we have been looking at the Theories of Evolution.  The children were given information about famous scientists and shared this information with the group.  We learned how different scientist had different thoughts and theories of how evolution has changed over the years.
In Miss Wantling's PE lesson this week, the children were concentrating on their  passing, dribbling and shooting skills in Hockey and played a friendly game to finish.

Our Special Visit from Skippy!

The whole school had a wonderful surprise on Thursday, a visit from Skippy.  Children from Elm Class that visited Aylmerton will remember Skippy with his fantastic story-telling very well.  We had lots of excited children when they heard the news he was coming to visit our school.  Each class were given the opportunity to listen to his amazing stories.  We look forward to seeing Skippy again at Aylmerton later on this year!

To finish off our week, Weston Hills Hockey Team took part in the final Tournament at Surfleet on Friday.  The children worked tremendously hard and together as a team won the Tournament and brought back the Trophy Plate.  We are immensely proud of our children and thank you all for your continued support.  So much fun and a fantastic way to end the season!

Week 2

Space Week 

This week the whole school is taking part in Space Week for Science.  We started off by having  a planetarium set up in the hall and each class were given the  opportunity to go inside and learn more about our solar system.  They were given a presentation about our solar system and were shown what some of the stars represented and details of our planets.



Each class were given one or two planets to research for the whole week.  They will give their findings in a presentation during Collective Worship next Tuesday.  Elm Class had been given planets Uranus and Neptune.  Throughout the week the children have been working on the two planets by using resources to make planets and research some interesting facts.  Our children decided to work in groups to present their findings and one group will be chosen to present their work to the whole school next week.  Which group will have earned the chance to present their work in Collective Worship?

The children were given a challenge to design and make their own rocket.  They needed to devise a drawing of their rocket and choose which materials and resources they needed to make their rocket.


The rockets were judged based on design and whether it was made to their plan.  The winner will have the chance to show their work to the whole school next week.

Inspire+ - Shona McCallin

To finish our week off, we had a special visit from Shona McCallin, Olympian Gold Medalist in Hockey.  Shona gave a presentation on how to  manage different pressures in life we may face.  Some useful tools are things like listening to music, reading, mindfulness, walking, running, time with our friends and family.

Week 1

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a well earned rest during the holidays.


This term, our new Topic is our Planet.  Our question is:- Where on On Earth Will Life Take You?  We will be looking at our changing world and amazing places.  We have been focusing on inherited features through our parents and how animals have adapted to their environment.


This week, the children investigated how different substances had different effects caused by weathering and errosion.


The children have been concentrating on developing their knowledge and practicing co-ordinates, translation of co-ordinates and the reflection of shapes.



For Art, we have been looking at printing and imaging of different objects.  The children went outside to collect different things that they could use to paint and print to see what sort of images they could get.  We had some interesting results from things like, leaves, sticks, and feathers to name just a few. The children really enjoyed experimenting with different things.

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.