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Term 5

National Outside Learning 23rd May 2019

Thursday was a day to take our learning outside and what a beautiful day it was! We enjoyed our final cricket session in the morning with Emily before taking our Maths and Literacy work outside in the afternoon.

Term 6

June is a very busy month for our class, here are a few of the important dates:

Monday 3rd June- Year 4s to the High/Grammar school for a taster morning

Friday 7th June- Bishop's visit and Music Week assembly (all parents welcome)

Wednesday 12th June- Father's Day Wrap

Monday 17th June- Rehearsal at SHC all morning with Adriano and Carolina

Tuesday 18th June- Mini-Olympics at Grantham all day (this is always a fad day!)

Wednesday 19th June- some children will be going to a tennis tournament 10-2

                                    - leave school at 3.15 to go to the SHC for our performance to parents at 4.30!

Tuesday 25th June- Sports Day afternoon

All of this plus all our usual work! Phew! laugh

West Stow

Our visit to West Stow was a brilliant day as we discovered so much more about the Anglo-Saxons. We were all enthusiastic and our behaviour was outstanding (I was very proud of my lovely class yes).


With an original ten caterpillars, we were able to release 9 butterflies this afternoon. Unfortunately, two were deformed and struggled to fly which caused lots of questions from the children. It has been great to see nature in action over the past few weeks.

Tie-dye T-shirts

Out t-shirts for the START Project Performance next month have started brilliantly! Miss Newton and Miss Bristowe were extremely busy working with Holly and Elm classes to get the first stage of the t-shirts done. Next we will create a stencil of a frog to put onto the front. We cannot wait until the performance when everything we have worked so hard on will come together. Look out for the letter for performance tickets coming soon!

Dissecting Flowers

Today we took some beautiful red carnations and cut them up! We carefully found all the different parts of the flower, named them and talked about their function as part of a plant. There were a lot of 'Wows!' as the children discovered some tiny parts and were fascinated.

Our Vegetable Patch

Something has eaten all our cabbages! Whatever it was has eaten right down to the stems... What a shame. Fingers crossed that nothing attacks our potato plants.

Our Vegetable Patch

Miss Bristow helped us to start transferring our plants over to the vegetable patch that was so kindly prepared by Mr West over the Easter holidays. We have also started to plant our potatoes that have chitted very well. With some good weather, we look forward to a good crop later in the year!

Topic Tuesday Research Pages


Our caterpillars only arrived on Thursday but they have already more than quadrupled in size! We are observing them daily and taking note of all the tiny changes. Today, we have noticed that they have been using their silk to make threads across the cups which they are climbing on.  yes


Emily led our first session to develop our cricket skills this week. Over the coming weeks, we will be learning how to bowl, field and use a cricket bat. A really great time to learn about the game as there are a few places left on the trip to watch the Cricket World Cup game in Nottingham in June- please see Mrs Smith in the office for more details!

Kittens' Visit

One of our boys has been so excited about the birth of his Nan's kittens, giving us daily updates on their progress. Today, Nan brought them in for a little visit! There was a grey one and two black and white ones. The grey one (Fluffy) was very shy and sleepyheart


Our Invaders topic started with lots of information about who they were, why they came and when. We looked at the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and how the monks would write events down which helps us to know about this era. Everyone also had a go at using the runes alphabet to try writing their names and short messages- some are now stuck up on our display.


Our topic about plants links very well to last term's Science week work! We started with an investigation into the functions of the different parts of a plant and if the plant actually needs them all to live. Will they all survive? Will some live but not grow? Will some thrive? We have made predictions and are observing daily to find out what happens.


This term, homework will be set weekly linked to topic and science through Literacy. Please help you child to complete their tasks and get them in on time as less than half of the class has been doing this. Homework always links to class work so will support them greatly as well as letting parents know what we are doing in class.

Monster Times Tables will be set each week for your child to develop their multiplication facts knowledge. Start with the times tables your child is confident with then the ones they are working on. Not every child is going to know all their times tables (it is an expectation for the end of year 4 nationally) so use this time to develop their knowledge rather than trying to complete the whole grid.

Homework will be given out on a Monday with LSCWC and is expected in the following Monday.

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.