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Term 5

Week beginning 22nd May 2019

So its last week of this term, and cannot believe how quickly it's gone!  Once again, another super busy week and lots of fun had along the way.


Our beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies have finally emerged within all 3 classes, so it was time to let our beautiful butterflies fly into the big wide world!

So a very early start for our children this morning (7.45 am), as we headed off to Lincoln Cathedral to attend The Church Schools' Festival for 2019!  16 schools from all over Lincolnshire attended this festival.  Our children participated with the different activities; from making posters about promoting climate changes to touring around the Cathedral, and finally finishing with all 16 schools taking part in the Diocese of Lincoln Service together.  
For P.E. this week, it was our final week for having the Chance to Shine Cricket Coach coming into the School.  We couldn't have wished for better weather whilst the children played Diamond Cricket.  They were able to put all their skill learnt over the past few weeks into practice - Thoroughly enjoyed and we would like to thank Chance to Shine for giving our children this opportunity.
Topic - World War II.  This week the children researched and thought of different things children from World War II may have experienced.  In Literacy, they wrote about how they visioned the life of children may have been  during the War and how the children may have felt.  

In Numeracy, the children explored the world of finance and how easy it is to be withdrawn. They discussed how banks will charge if they are withdrawn and will charge interest on money that is borrowed.

Along with this they explored different ways to solve problem type questions, using a variety of equipment.

Let's Debate!!! - What is Democracy?  How do Parliament make changes?  The children had to think about which learning skills they would need for this task.  They needed to think of Rules they would all need to adhere to, to allow a good debate should be run.  With this in mind, each group provided rules that collectively the whole class could agree too and work within.


Debate Statement - Glass bottles should be used instead of plastic ones -  The children really engaged in this debate and thoroughly enjoyed debating for and against this statement in class chambers.  Final Vote: 5 votes to the ayes on the left and 16 votes to the no's to the right! 

Week beginning 15th May 2019

The children have been super busy this week with SATS; They've even managed to fit in many other activities along the way.  


They have been working on designing and creating their own  Fun Facts Leaflet on how caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies.  Information included was about the processes of the transformation and the type of butterflies we were expecting in our class.  Ours are commonly known as 'Painted Lady Butterfly'.

Each child in both Elm Class and Holly Class were able to tie-dye their plain white t-shirts in preparation for the Start Project Performance.
This week during P.E, the children have been practising their batting  and bowling skills and to played a game of Diamond Cricket.

Caterpillars -   Our Caterpillars are transforming into butterflies - Children are watching patiently, waiting to see if they can see any movement.

Here are our children exploring the vegetable plot so see how their crops that they planted are progressing.

Week beginning 6 May 2019

This week for Literacy and Numeracy, the children have been practising their knowledge, skills and problem solving in preparation for the SATs next week.  In Literacy, we concentrated on punctuation, and grammar.  In Numeracy, we looked at 2d and 3d shapes, reflection and translation of co-ordinates and practised times tables.  

For Topic, the children carried on researching and finding out about when and where World Ward II took place.  They made a timeline of all the events that happened during World War II.

8 May 2019

This week Science lesson was to identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.


Caterpillars -  Mrs Upsall from Holly Class has kindly obtained some caterpillars for each classroom.  In Elm calss we have 5 caterpillars and all the children will get to see how the caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies.    The caterpillars are now at their chrysalis stage.  We hope to see another change within 10 days.  There is a little competition to see which class will have their caterpillars transformed into butterflies first!  We will keep you posted!

For this Term,  we have the opportunity of having a Cricket Coach from Chance to Shine to come to school each week and teach our children the skills and techniques of how to play cricket.  This week the children have been practising their batting skills and learning new throwing techniques.  Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, so the children had to finish the session in the hall.  This did not stop their determination to carry on and managed to play a game of Diamond Cricket.

10 May 2019

For Music this week, the children were set a challenge to create their own unique piece of music.  They were able to work in small groups and choose different instruments to create their master-pieces.  Some children even added a song to their creations!  So much fun was had, although, the children did find that it was not as easy to do as they first thought.

1 May 

Our topic until the end of term is World War II and to help the children to understand what it was like being a child in a city in 1939, Mr Huntingford came in to speak to the children about his experience.  He was an evacuee from London and went to Birch in Essex.  He described his experiences as he could remember them and then the children were given an opportunity to ask him questions.  He also showed the children a gas mask which everybody had to carry with them and a helmet which was used by fire wardens.

30 April 

Following on from Science Week the seeds which the children planted have all grown and today they were able to replant them into our vegetable and flower patch.  All the children also had the opportunity to plant a potato.  We will be monitoring them over the next few weeks to watch their progress.

25 April 2019

Today, Miss Hill from Chance to Shine Cricket came into school and spent an hour with each class teaching cricket skills.  The children started their lesson on the field but due to the rain they had to quickly move into the hall.  Skills like catching and throwing were practised.  It was a fun session and the children are all looking forward to building on today's skills next week.

25 April 2019 

In Science today the children had a problem of how to separate solid materials from each other.  In their groups they were given a  large sheet of paper, 4 bowls and one large bowl containing flour, pasta, rice and chick peas.  They nominated a team leader and before commencing the activity they had to talk about what other equipment they might be able to use and how they could separate the items into the four bowls.  Using previous knowledge and working together all the groups managed to separate the materials into the individual bowls.

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.