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Term 5

Week 1



This term the class will be studying a significant author and writing a biography about them.  We have decided to focus on the life and work of Enid Blyton and this week the children have had a chance to look at some of her many books.  Using their ICT skills and through research, the class have gathered key information about her life and work and used this to create a bio cube.











Our focus in numeracy this week has been idenitfying and classifying different types of angles.  We have looked at: acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles, straight lines, reflex angles and full turns.  Each pupil is able to not only idenitfy and classify each of these types of angles but they can also describe them in detail, referring to their measurement in degrees.  The class completed a variety of activites, one of which was a particular favourite.  With the good fortune of the wonderful weather we have had we decided to venture outside of the classroom to investigate angles in our environment.  Not only were they required to find examples of all of the different types of angles we have been looking at, they also had to use their knowledge to estimate their measurement.  We looked at examples of both natural and man-made objects and recorded our findings accurately.





Week 2



Willow class have been discussing the different components that make up a story and looked at some new planning techniques they can use to write their own stories.  Firstly, we looked at an example of a story mountain and how most stories will have a similar structure including some kind of dilemma or problem that needs to be resolved.  We then moved onto examples of a story map and how pictures and words can remind us of key details and events in a story.  The class were then required to listen to an Enid Blyton story whilst completing their own story map showing the different stages of the story.  Working in pairs, they were then required to use their story map to retell the story to their partner.


          Story Mountain Example                                    Story Map Example










Science Week

As part of the school's science week, a planetarium was set up in the hall and each class had the opportunity to see and learn more about our solar system.  The children entered a large inflated dome and images of the stars and planets were projected onto the roof.  They were given a presentation about our solar system and given the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.










Space Rockets

After completing their space rockets designs as part of their homework last week, Willow class had the opportunity to make their designs this week using various resources they had bought in from home.  There have been an amazing range of different designs in all shapes and sizes and the children have been very creative and innovative by using their resources to create fantastic looking rockets.  This week has been great fun and this was another example of an engaging and enjoyable activity as part of our science week at Weston Hills.


















Yuri Gagarin, Jupiter and Saturn

Each class was allocated an astronaut and planets found in our solar system to research and create a picture of.  Willow class have worked as a team to create a portrait of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space and pictures of Jupiter and Saturn using pastels.  Each pupil contributed towards  the pictures and we are very proud with how they turned out.  Well done everyone!









Week 3



In numeracy this week the class have focused on estimating and measuring different types of angles.  Pupils used their knowledge of different types of angles to estimate an appropriate measurement for each one before using a protractor to accurately measure them.  Once everyone was confident using the equipment we also moved onto drawing our own angles, before asking a partner to estimate and measure them.









Willow class have been working on improving their agility, reactions and response times in PE this week.  'Quick off the Mark'  is a game played in pairs using floor markers and a bouncy ball.  One player stands with arms held out to their side holding a ball in one of their hands.  The other player must adopt a ready position one metre away and as soon as their partner drops the ball must move forward and catch the ball after one bounce.  If they are successful they take step backwards and begin again.  This continues until they are unable to catch the ball before it bounces for the second time.  








Collective Worship

To celebrate the end of science week, the whole school had a collective worship on Tuesday where each class presented facts about their given planets and astronauts as well as announcing the winners of their space rocket competition.  A group of children from Willow class did an amazing job sharing facts about Jupiter, Saturn and Yuri Gagarin.  We had the opportunity to show the amazing artwork the class had created and our space rocket competition winners even gave a demonstration of their functioning design.









We have been learning about the Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes and looking at examples of her work as part of our topic this term.  The class have completed an artist study and also produced a piece of artwork inspired by her style of art.  Using different size coloured squares, the pupils created a collage.  They then applied objects of different textures to a piece of corrugated card to create a stamp, otherwise known as a collagraph, which was used to apply impressions over their collage.  The end results all looked brilliant and will be on display in our classroom for all to see.  Well done Willow class!










Visit from Skippy

The whole school had a wonderful surprise on Thursday, a visit from Skippy.  Those children who attended the Aylmerton trip will remember Skippy very well and there were lots of excited children when they heard the news he was coming to visit our school.  Each class got to watch and hear his amazing story telling skills and some were even asked to participate in the show.







Week 4



Working in pairs, the children have continued to estimate and measure acute and obtuse angles through playing a game.  One player is 'acute' and the other is 'obtuse' and must estimate the size of their given angle.  Taking it in turns, each player draws a straight line and an intersecting line creating one acute and one obtuse angle.  Each player must first estimate their angle before measuring it accurately using a protractor.  The player that was closest with their estimation gains a point and play continues a further ten times until there is an overall winner. 











In science this week, Willow class have been learning about reproduction in plants and the different ways pollination can occur.  They have identified and compared sexual and asexual reproduction in plants and the part that wind and insects play in the pollination process.  Discussion about the advantages and disadvantages to each type of reproduction and the features of plants that are clues as to which type of pollination is used helped consolidate the class' understanding of this topic.








Week 5



As part of our continuing South America topic this term, Willow class have been examining and discussing the work of Joaquin Torres Garcia, an artist from Uruguay.  In groups, the children discussed different aspects of his artwork including: how the paintings made them feel, the colours he used, any symbols they recognised in the paintings and what each one could mean.






Rugby Skills

Willow class had the opportunity to work on their rugby skills this week with the help of an Inspire+ coach.  The children took part in various warm up activities and games focused on teamwork, throwing, catching, ball handling and passing skills.  We finished off the session with a game similar to tag rugby.  Everyone had great fun and it was brilliant seeing the class working in teams and learning new skills.













Following on from our lesson looking at the artwork of Joaquin Torres Garcia, the class have been creating their own paintings inspired by his work.  Each pupil drew four symbols/pictures that represented things about themselves and their life.  Using predominantly primary colours, these were then carefully painted before being left to dry.  Once all four pictures are complete, each pupil will choose the order/arrangement they prefer before they are backed with an A4 piece of paper.  The children have been very creative and thought carefully about their designs.  We are really looking forward to seeing the end results!









Week 6



This week in numeracy the class have been identifying and investigating the nets of 3-D shapes.  We began looking at a variety of nets that were all supposed to make a cube when formed.  Each pupil had to first predict whether the net would form a complete cube before cutting out and making them to discover if their original prediction was correct or not. There were a number of surprised faces!  The next activity consisted of exploring nets that had been cut into two parts.  Pupils had to correctly match the pieces together and then state which 3-D shape each net would make.  







Willow class have had a busy week working on a variety of sports skills during PE lessons.  They have completed a range of activities focused on improving agility, reactions, ball handling skills (catching, throwing, kicking, dribbling and passing), skipping and learning the correct technique to throw a discus. 













The class have now completed their pieces of art inspired by Joaquin Torres Garcia, the artist from Uruguay that we began looking at last week.  We are all very happy with how they turned out and the children should be very proud!














Rugby Skills

We had another opportunity to continue working on our rugby skills this week with the help of an Inspire+ coach.  After completing various warm up activities, the session progressed by learning more about the rules when playing tag rugby and how points are scored.  The final game included teams having to score tries to beat their opponents whilst ensuring they adhered to the rules of the game.  Another fun, action packed session, enjoyed by all!








Spalding Grammar and Spalding High School

Year four pupils in both Willow and Holly class visited Spalding Grammar and Spalding High School this week.  They participated in lessons delivered by staff from each of the schools and had a taster of what life at secondary school would be like.  The boys enjoyed both a PE and history lesson whilst the girls took part in art and cooking.  There was lots to share with the rest of the class when they returned and they all seemed very excited about this wonderful opportunity.   














Weather Reports

Throughout this term the class have completed various tasks both in class and as part of homework, this has been focused on observing and recording weather conditions.  Pupils were asked to set up their own weather stations at home and have taken it in turns to take readings from our class weather station that has been set up at school.  We have been keeping accurate records of our data using our ICT skills and creating spreadsheets and graphs/charts showing our results.  All of this work has now culminated in the pupils becoming their very own weather reporters.  In groups, they have been tasked with writing, creating and recording their own weather reports based on their findings.













Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.