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Term 6

Chocolate Fountain

Please do not forget treats to dip into the fountain on THURSDAY! Looking forward to it. yes heart​​​​​​heartheart

Holly Class 2019-20

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Holly Class 2018-19 but I am so glad to report that the new Holly Class already look to be a super bunch! wink

Our Last Week of Term

This week, we are using our school grounds for our learning. Today, we started with the pond. The children were fascinated with what they found. heart

10 Downing Street have Replied!

Yes, we have had another reply to our letters about single use plastic, this time from the Prime Minister's offices! It has been wonderful to see that all our letters have been responded to positively; it shows the children that those in charge are also concerned about the environment and the effect single use plastic is having on it. yes


This week, we all received replies from Sir John Hayes in response to our letters about single use plastics. We were surprised to get a reply so soon and even more surprised to each get a personal response. He has let us know that he will be taking our ideas to the government on our behalf and hopes to be in contact again soon.

Today, we also got a reply from McDonalds to let us know all the things they are presently doing to decrease their use of materials that are not reusable or recyclable. They went on to let us know that they will be using more books, puzzles and cuddly toys in the Happy Meals to decrease their use of plastics. yes

Gardening Successes

Miss Bristow helped us to dig up our potatoes yesterday and today we have bagged them all up for everyone to take home to enjoy for their tea!

We also had Cherry Class visit us to show off all their carrots and beans they have cropped today. Everyone has been so impressed with our vegetables and we are looking into what others vegetables we can grow next.


With the continued dry weather, we were able to get outside for a capacity investigation using a wide range of containers. We aimed to find out their capacity in millilitres and use the information to answer word problems. 

Education Awards

After being nominated for the Environmental Award at this year's awards ceremony, we were very pleased to attend the finals on Thursday evening. We had our fingers crossed as they announced the winners and were thrilled when we actually won! This has inspired us to want to continue all the good work into the new school year. yesheart

If you take a look inside this week's Spalding Guardian (or online), you will see a big photo of us accepting the award!


We finally had a day outside when we could draw round our shadows created by the sun to investigate how they change position and shape throughout the day!

Too Hot to be Inside!

Once again we took our learning outside. First we continued our debating work under the trees before taking our maths problems outside in our groups. The gentle breeze and shade made thinking much easier.

Our War on Single Use Plastics

For the past two weeks, we have been discussing and debating the use of single use plastics in our lives. We have found out about the damage to the environment that plastic straws, bottles, wet wipes and bags are causing. We have even been surprised to find that most of our clothes have plastic in them! We have debated if McDonalds Happy Meal toys are a good idea after finding out that recycling centres are not recycling them due to the costs.

Our class has decided that action is necessary so we have written to the Prime Minister and our local MP John Hayes about actions we think the government could do to help. McDonalds head office will also be receiving letters with our ideas about the future of their plastic toys.

Anglo-Saxon Jewellery

Today we used Anglo-Saxon jewellery as inspiration for our own creative work. First we made sketches and looked at all the available materials before taking our time to add fine detail to our 3D pieces.

Inspire+ Mass Participation Event

Miss Gould led us in some intense exercise with our Inspire+ Ambassadors via the internet in the hall. We were all a bit sweaty but it was great fun!

Even More Vegetables!

Miss Bristow helped us to dig up a lovely crop of new potatoes which e enjoyed with a little salt and pepper this afternoon!

Sports Day

The weather was kind to us and Sports Day was a great afternoon for everyone. We had so many children come in first, second or third who had never done so before! It was also great to hear the children supporting and congratulating each other- I really do have the best class in the world! heart yes

Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese

There were lots of cauliflowers to crop today as well as some broccoli so Miss Newton chose some children who had worked particularly hard this morning to make some cauliflower and broccoli cheese with her this afternoon. Everyone was keen to have a try with many children having three forkfuls and still wanting more! Well done to everyone for tasting rather than saying they do not like it before they have even tried. We will look forward to trying more next week as more becomes ready. We also have tiny, green tomatoes outside the classroom.yes

START Dance Project Performance

The children's performance was brilliant! We are so proud of them, they opened the show up so well. It was great to see so many adults and carers come out to support us too. heart

PLEASE can t-shirts be back in school by Thursday as we will be performing to the rest of the school. The t-shirts will then be for the children to keep!


Yet another great day out for Holly Class! We had such fun, everyone joined in and the behaviour was outstanding. We even won third place for our banner in the competition. heart

Our Vegetables

We have vegetables ready to crop and taste already! yes

More Science Investigations in a dark classroom...

Today we were looking at shadows. We wanted to use the sun and do some investigations outside but the sun did not want to play. Instead, we darkened the windows and got the torches out again.

Weaving Fun

Some people have finished their weaving, using this skill from the past to create something to share with you at home. Well done to everyone because it has taken patience and perseverance. yes

Science Investigations

Today we set up some investigations to prove that light moves in a straight line and can be reflected in different directions, especially by a shiny surface.

Our Frog Background for our SHC Performance on 19th June

Music Week Assembly with the Bishop

A huge well done to Holly Class for the super performance using their voices, bodies and home-made instruments!

Science- Light
Music Week Art Work
Music Week Guitars

Music Week

This week is Music Week throughout school. We have made elastic band guitars and are practising The Entertainer by Scott Joplin on them. It is not easy! we will perform in front of parents and the Bishop on Friday morning.

Science- Light

This term we will be learning more about the science behind light and shadows. On Tuesday, we looked at light sources.

Welcome back!

It is term 6- where has the school year gone? This is a very busy term with so many events going on in the next few weeks including Music Week, our START project performance, the Cricket World Cup, Mini-Olympics,  a tennis competition and a visit for the year 4s to the High School and Grammar School. Sports Day is on 25th and Father's day Wrap is on the 12th. Please keep checking the school calendar for what is coming up when. yes

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.