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Term 6

Week 1
As part of music week, Willow class have been very busy practicing their ocarina performance of Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer' ready for our whole-school performance.
This week in maths, we've been focusing on our fractions, decimals and percentages and how we can convert between them.
Week 2
We all had a fantastic experience at the Holbeach Hub music festival this week. Not only did Willow class get to wonderfully perform their own rendition of 'The Lord's my Sheperd' in front of other schools, but they also got to see Travelling by Tuba - a duo who took us on a journey in learning all about the history of different instruments.
Lots of creativity this week as the class created and painted their own clay tiles based around our school's core values, such as truthfulness, peace, hope, love and dignity. Once the tiles have been put into a kiln, they will be ready to go up for display in our assembly hall.
The children got involved in sack races, bean bag throwing and hurdle jumping as they practiced for sports day.
Week 3
Today, Willow class had the fantastic opportunity to dress up as Victorians and visit Stibbington! Throughout the day, the children got to learn all about just how different Victorian life was compared to today - from the way they washed their clothes, to the way they cleaned their homes. They even got to experience what it would have been like to be a Victorian child out on the playground, getting to try out all sorts of different Victorian toys. Later on in the day, the children had a very different experience from their usual classroom, as they even got to sit through a Victorian-style lesson; this involved sitting in absolute silence, using sleight boards to write and making sure they were on their absolute best behaviour. It was such a wonderful day, and I think it's safe to say that everyone enjoyed it!
For science, Willow class have been learning about different classifications of animals and got to create their own descriptions based on the different characteristics animals had. After that, the children got the opportunity to create their very own zoo, using their knowledge of classifications to decide how and where they would keep their animals.
We had a very competitive Friday this week - it was our year 4/5 Knex challenge! Working in pairs, each group had one box of Knex in which they had to try and build a vehicle which could travel the furthest down a ramp whilst carrying a plastic ball. Every child worked so hard and there were some amazing designs going on. A very well done to everyone who participated!
More creativity this week as Willow class all got to paint jam jars ready for our tea light stall this weekend. 

Mr Kimbley, a science teacher from Grammar school, made a return this week as he taught us all about how we can eat healthier. We discussed what it means to eat healthy, with a focus on which foods and drinks tend to be high in sugar, and also performed an experiment to see if ‘sugar-free’ drinks actually contained any sugar or not. On top of that, Mr Kimbley also talked to us about the different types of bacteria and how some bacteria, such as what can be found in yoghurt, can actually be good for us. As the lesson came to an end, the children then got the opportunity to swab different areas of the classroom (door handles, chairs, water bottles etc.) and put the samples in a petri dish – it could be pretty interesting to see if any bacteria grow over the next few weeks!

More focus on time this week as the class started working on more specific times, such as 23 minutes past and 17 minutes to. They also enjoyed a game of snap based around different times.

We were all super proud of Willow class today, they all gave their best as they competed on Sports day. They took part in obstacle courses, egg and spoon races, running races and sack races. Well done to everyone else in the school as well! 

Week 4

We definitely started a Monday morning the right way - with exercise! Following a video from Inspire plus, both Willow class and Holly class had to perform all sorts of different exercises, from lunges to push ups. I think we were all feeling pretty worn out by the end!

In maths today, Willow class have continued recapping all the different types of angles.
Following on with our Victorian theme for this term, we've begun reading Conan Doyles' well-known book - The Hounds of The Baskervilles. The children (and staff!) have loved trying to piece together the mystery, asking more and more questions as we continued through the book. Staying on the theme of mysteries, Willow class have now started planning their very own mystery story. We look forward to reading them.