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Term 6

Week 1



This week, Willow class have been learning how to ask "Where do you live?" and give a response.  They have learnt the french words for different buildings and places, such as: a house, a flat, a village, a cottage, a farm, a town and a city .  In pairs, they have worked on their pronunciation and conversation skills through spoken, written, question and answer activities. 









We have been identifying and classifying different types of living organisms in science this week, in particular, animals.  Pupils were given a list of various animals and were asked to sort them into groups based on their similarities and differences.  Using this information and working in pairs, they will continue with this next week, to design a layout for a zoo, ensuring that animals that are similar are housed near each other.







Linked with our current topic on South America and the Amazon Rainforest, the class have begun looking at other countries with similar climatic conditions.  Using an atlas, pupils have located 'the tropics', the equator and discussed the effect a country's proximity to these areas would have on its climate.  Leading on from our work last term regarding weather conditions and forecasts, the children worked in groups to choose a country with a tropical climate and write, rehearse and deliver a weather report for that country to the rest of the class.















During each numeracy lesson the class normally complete a starter activity, one of these activities includes completing a timetables test within a specified time limit.  We call these 'Monster Timetables' and they consist of a grid filled with one hundred and thirty two different multiplication calculations to answer.  Each week the whole class tries extremely hard to achieve full marks and have shown great progress over this academic year with their timetables recall.  Well done Willow Class!  smiley





Week 2



We have continued focusing on perimeter and area this week in numeracy.  Through various board and card games, the pupils have been consolidating their learning and understanding regarding how to calculate perimeter and area.  The class began concentrating on identifying the perimeter and area of rectangles and then moved onto more complicated compound shapes.   












Dance Routine

In preparation for the START Award ceremony that Willow Class will be attending later this week, Charlotte Gernert worked with the children to put together a fabulous dance routine.  As part of the ceremony, each class will give a short performance to the other schools, related to a form of art we have looked at as part of the award.













This academic year Willow Class have completed various workshops and activities in an effort to gain their START Award.  This week, the class, along with other local schools, attended a final celebration of this award at the South Holland Centre.  Each school gave a short performance before the children were presented with their certificates.  The ceremony was finished with all the children from each school coming together and singing the song 'Believe'.  









Week 3



In literacy this week Willow Class have begun looking at examples of a balanced argument.  They have been identifying key language features that can be found in a balanced argument in preparation for writing their own later in the term.  Once the children had highlighted any key features, they discussed the effect these had on the reader and how they could be used effectively to show differing points of view within one piece of text.







The children completed a murder mystery activity in numeracy this week focused on perimeter and area.  To discover details about the murder they had to solve various problems including: calculating area of various rectangles and triangles, identifying if statements about perimeter and area were true or false, finding missing lengths of a variety of shapes when only provided with either the perimeter or area.






Music Festival

On Tuesday, Willow Class attended the South Holland Music Festival.  It was a fantastic day filled with learning and performing songs and even learning to beat box.  Each school performed an individual piece and all of the hard work from the children really showed as their singing was beautiful!  The afternoon was brilliant, as the children were given a workshop by Lee Gibling, a professional beat boxer from Norfolk.  He taught us some amazing techniques, including some very funny warm up activities and showed us how to create drum-like sounds using our mouths.  The children were able to put together various beats based on different phonetic sounds and words and even learnt how to make two sounds simultaneously.  A big thank you to Mrs Nicholls for her role in organising the event and getting our class ready for our big performance!











Year 3 and 4 attended the mini-olympics in Grantham on Wednesday.  During the day, the children got to meet their favourite Inspire+ athletes and take part in lots of different sport based activities.  The closing ceremony consisted of all the children participating in a dance routine and finished off with the results of the banner competition.  Weston Hills was representing Argentina and the children worked very hard to produce an amazing banner.  It is with great pride that our banner was announced the winner and we were all overjoyed with excitement at the results.  Well done Weston Hills!









Whilst the year 4 pupils were at the mini-olympics the year 5 pupils created some beautiful pieces of Amazon Rainforest inspired art.  They began by looking at work by Henri Rousseau, the French post-impressionist painter who is well known for his jungle themes.








Knex Challenge

Yet again this year Willow class have had the great fortune to take part in the Knex Challenge.  Working in groups of 2 or 3, they were given a brief of what they were required to make.  This time, they needed to make a type of plane.  Although it could look however they wanted it to, it would need to be able to go down a ramp before travelling for the longest distance possible.  The whole class really enjoyed the challenge and there were such a variety of shape and size models.  It was a tough contest but the overall winners were....                       









Week 4


Sports Day

The whole school had a wonderful afternoon on Tuesday taking part in Sports Day.  We all enjoyed the wonderful weather, lots of different races, great teamwork and the children enthusiastically showed their support for their corresponding team.  There were some really close results, however, in the end the overall winners were Welland.  Well done to everyone on all the teams and many thanks to the parents for coming and showing your support, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!











In Literacy this week, the class have been looking at examples of balanced arguments.  We have examined the structure and language features that can be found in a balanced argument in preparation to begin writing our own regarding deforestation.  Part of the planning process has included researching facts about the Amazon Rainforest and finding points both for and against deforestation.   The children were given different texts containing facts about the rainforest and had to extract relevant information to use in their balanced argument.  Afterwards, they discussed the information they had retrieved in groups, identifying whether each fact could be used in an argument for or against deforestation.







Week 5



In numeracy this week Willow Class have been working on coordinates and translations.  One of the activities included a game played in pairs, using randomly chosen cards featuring different instructions to translate a spaceship form one position to another.  Whether a player gained or lost a point would depend on where on the map the spaceship landed after completing each translation.  The children really enjoyed playing this game and it helped to consolidate their understanding of coordinates and translations. 








Space Jam

Willow Class had the opportunity to share one of the songs they had learnt for the South Holland Music Festival during collective worship this week.  One of our favourites was 'Space Jam' a song featuring three parts about a spaceship flying around space.  The whole class sang beautifully and it was lovely to share the song with the rest of the school.




World Chocolate Day

In recognition of World Chocolate Day on 7th July and our South American topic, Willow Class enjoyed a chocolate fountain on Friday afternoon.  The children bought in an array of food items to have with the chocolate fountain and everyone enjoyed this tasty treat!



















In keeping with the chocolate theme and our South American topic, the class have been looking at different statements relating to the Aztecs and chocolate.  The children worked together to decide whether each statement was true or false.











Week 6



This week in numeracy Willow Class have been using their knowledge of place value to convert between different units of measurement.  So far we have looked at units of weight and capacity including: grams, kilograms, millilitres and litres.  In pairs, the children were given a selection of cards containing different weights shown in either grams or kilograms. They then took it in turns to choose a card at random and depending on what unit of measurement the weight was written in, they then had to convert it to the other and see if they could find its matching pair.










Transition Afternoon

It was whole school transition on Monday afternoon, giving all pupils and staff the opportunity to get to know their classes for September.  We began by sharing expectations we have of one another in Willow Class and each pupil chose the five most important rules/expectations to them. After this, the children each drew a self portrait, which will be used for one of our displays next year.  The class will be able to look at the pictures and try to correctly identify who each picture is of.  Lastly, we went outside and enjoyed a few circle time games including, 'Duck Duck Goose' and 'Wink Detective'.  It was a fun afternoon and it was brilliant getting to know the children and seeing them interact with each other for the first time as a class!














Den Building Day

On Wednesday, the school enjoyed Den Building Day.  Most of the children in Willow Class worked with either adults from their own families or joined in with other pupil's families. Those pupils who did not have family attend joined together with some children from Oak Class and formed 'The Dream Team'.  They all worked really well together and managed to build a fantastic den and we were all very happy with the final result!






Week 7


Inspire+ Bike Challenge

In aid of charity, a group of Inspire+ staff set themselves a challenge of biking around all their core schools spread over Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.  The staff would cover over 200 miles during their 3 day challenge and on Wednesday morning, Weston Hills received a visit from them.  The children were all very excited to give the riders a warm welcome and they were greeted with lots of cheers and high fives.








Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Community, Dignity, Wisdom, Joy and Peace.