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Holly Class


Week 7

Funky Friday

What a great class! They have had such a good term- Mrs Bull and Mrs Upsall are immensely proud of them. heart

End of Topic Quiz

Holly and Willow classes got together this afternoon for a final quiz all about work from this term. It was good to see everyone sharing information in the groups and recalling so much learning from the whole term. Well done everyone!


Super teaching by the Year 4s to help the Year 3s understand how the blocks, sprites and backgrounds work ready for later in the year.

Spalding Leaflets

These are really starting to look good!

Electricity safety Videos

Here are some of our presentations for younger children to remind them of the dangers of electricity.

Dodgeball Competition Winners!!

Today our fantastic dodgeball players persevered through some tough games to emerge as gold medal winners!! It was also great to see the Year 5/6 team bring home the silver medals. We are very proud of them all as they represented the school well and showed good sportsmanship. smiley

Electricity Fun from Home

George brought in his electricity set from home which created huge interest with children wanting to stay in both break times to have a play.

Final Part of Leaflet Preparation

Our final part of preparation has been to write our introductions! Final leaflets for home start tomorrow.

Week 6


We are becoming SO much more confident. heart

TT Rock Stars and Mastering Number KS2

This week, the Year 4s have started a new Maths Hub program called Mastering Number KS2 to develop their multiplication knowledge and understanding. This has given the Year 3s daily time to practise their target times tables on Jamming on TT Rock Stars. Who will be getting a badge on Friday?!

Electricity Safety

Today, we worked in groups to create presentations about how to keep safe around mains electricity. Because they were going so well, we have decided to extend our time and video ourselves doing them next week to share with the younger children in school.

Reading Ambassadors

After their meeting, our reading ambassadors shared lots of new books with the class. Already, lots of children are wanting to borrow them!

Philosopher's Cafe

Our first one of the year with some great discussion with Mrs Nicholls.

Week 5

We have 2 extra PE on Wednesday, one with Inspire+ and one with Sport2Day so please can children wear their kit on Wednesday as well as Friday? Thank you

School Photos

Please be looking smart for school photos on Tuesday morning! smiley


Today, we continued our fitness work focusing on agility and pushing ourselves to the max! Phew!

Performance Poetry- Benjamin Zephaniah

Last week, we took our inspiration from Michael Rosen, this week, we are looking at the work of Benjamin. We have even chosen one of his poems for our Harvest Festival next week!


Mr Nelson and Mr Pickett helped us to improve our game today as well as prepare us for the upcoming competition against other schools. Who will be on the Weston Hills Team? We will soon find out...

Jonathan Broom Edwards

Jonathan talked to us about how disabled athletes learn to overcome their difficulties to become their very best. We were able to experience some sports from their point of view today by not being able to use all of our bodies for different physical tasks. An eye opener!

Are all metals conductors?

Today we found out!

Computing Networks, Switches and Servers

Today, we continued to build on our knowledge about how computer networks work, adding in servers and Wireless Access Points this week. Our computing vocab understanding is growing!

Performing Poetry

We are ready to perform in front of the class!

Teaching Maths!

Some children took the role of teacher to go through adding 4digit number with exchanging, first using the place value counters and then linking to a written method.

Week 4

Performance Poetry

Michael Rosen has been our inspiration for our Performance Poetry work. We have been developing how we actually read his poems aloud as well as adding extra verses to some of his funny short poems.

Science- conductor or insulator?

On Monday and Wednesday, we were able to demonstrate our investigative skills using different types of switches as well as making our own before looking into what materials in the classroom will conduct electricity. We found that only metal conducts electricity which then led to the question: do ALL metals conduct electricity? Our next investigation!

Art- Typography

Still image for this video
This term in Art, we are looking at how alphabets and fonts are designed and then applying this knowledge to create a 3d map. We started by cutting random shapes from black paper and then Miss Parker challenged us to use our shapes to make the letters of the alphabet. Here are our results.

Week 3

Our Spalding Visit

Wow! What a great day! Have a look at the photos below and ask your child what they have found out.

In Ayscoughfee, we were lucky enough to meet some councillors with a restoration expert looking at the Memorial who were able to tell us lots about the history. We even saw the Johnson Drinking Fountain which has been put out again in the gardens.


During the afternoon, we mixed up the two classes again and created presentations which we are going to share with the younger children on Friday afternoon. It was amazing to hear just how much the children have learnt as they talked about their work enthusiastically. heart

Finally, we shared what we have learned with Cherry and Oak Class. The younger ones listened well as we took on the role of teachers!

Week 2

Today we have been working in PE to set a baseline for this term's Fitness work. We are lucky to have Kane from Inspire+ in to give us a hand every Monday afternoon!

Fundamentals in PE (Fridays)

Our First Class Trip

Next week, we will be using our geographical and historical skills to learn more about our local area as we visit Spalding town centre and Ayscoughfee Gardens with Willow Class. It is always great to get outside and make our learning real and hands on (let's hope the weather is good!).

Team Work

We started the week planning together a new adventure for Class 4B, the children in our story 'The Worst Class in the World'. There were some great ideas which we will develop further together over the next few days before writing our story next week.

Week 1

Today we have made birthday cards ready for when it is a class member's special day. heart

What a Great First Day!

I am so proud of the new Holly Class as they made today a pleasure for everyone.


We look forward to seeing you back in school on Wednesday. heart

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.