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Term 3

Our final art project

Djembe Drums - We had a man called Dave in to teach us how to play the Djeme Drum which originate from Africa. He taught us how to keep rhythm and beat to produce a drumming ensemble. 

P.E - We payed a great netball match in P.E this Wednesday, some great team playing and amazing passing and shooting skills were developed. Fridays lesson was slower paced as we worked on different dance formations.

Maths - Continued working on decimals and can calculate numbers involving decimals, which is very useful when using money or for measuring.  

History - Our topic work continued with more research about the fall of Baghdad in 1258 and the battle of Hastings in 1066. To link to this we have had a  wonderful (all be it wet) trip to Crowland where we know the Abbey  was built during these times, and we saw how buildings have changed over the years. We saw how different Crowland was compared to Baghdad, but also the similarities too.

Baghdad boasted that they built the first hospital, yet inside the Abbey, near the altar there are some historical carvings showing the type of medicines which were used by the monks to heal people. We also heard that the monks were well educated and some went on to Cambridge university, on the universities coat of arms there is a part that is dedicated to Crowland Abbey.

English -  We have been gathering evidence from battles in the past to plan and prepare newspaper reports. This has also linked to our history lessons. 

Week Commencing 5.2.24

Art - Our Poster project has began. We are now starting to implement our ideas and get our creations on to paper. Watch this space for our final peices.

Linked - History - Topic and PE

We created a dance to represent the armies of king Harlod before he was defeated at the Battle of Hastings.

PE - More volleyball in PE this week however, we also had a go at para-volleyball, where we had to sit down to play.


Maths - We have been developing our understanding of place value with decimal and learning how to sequence and add numbers with decimals.

English - We have been exploring spelling patterns and the use of a passive and active voice and relative clauses in our writing. 

Science - This week we have continued to investigate our blood.

Using drama we showed how our blood travels around our body. This was also written as a recount of the journey of a red blood cell.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week commencing 29th January 2024

We definitely have some posers in Elm class this year 🤣.

PE - We had great fun in PE learning to play volleyball. We were lucky to have a visitor in school for Sport2day in to help develop our skills using the 'dig' and 'volley' shots.

This skill was then cascaded into our scheduled PE lesson where we played matches in small groups.

Science - We re-enacted the bodies circulatory system, where we became the blood travelling through the heart, through the lungs and back to the heart.

History/Topic - We looked at two pictures painted during the ninth century and made inferences about what life was like in Baghdad and Crowland during that time. 

Should mobile phones be allowed in school? Elm Class today had a Fore and Against debate re this topic. As you can see from the pics F and A that the majority of our children believe they should be allowed in school. Well done to all the children for respecting each others opinions.

English - This week we have been researching the valuable use of mobile phones in schools. It has been very interesting finding out the dangers of using a phone too often, and many children have concluded that phones may not necessarily help them n school or with their studies.

Maths - We have been learning to write algebraic equations and solve problems with them in.

Week Commencing 22nd January 2024

PE - Friday - Dancing

PE - Wednesday - Continued developing our Gymnastic skills - Sorry or the blurry pics. Action shots apparently blur, who knew? 🤣

Science - We had lots of fun setting up experiments in science, making predictions and demonstrating the processes of diffusion and osmosis.

English - We have continued to develop our skills in writing arguments, using different types of adverbials to create cohesion.

Maths - We have ben learning about function machines, rules and formulae in number, which is the beginning  of algebra.

Art - Continued printing and creating mono prints.

In our study of Baghdad, we found that the round city was at the very centre of the Abbasid empire and this was why It became an important place for trading, also a super place to learn about science, maths and geography.

Computing - we explored a game on Scratch and added our own variables to improve the game.

Week commencing 15th January 2024


The Great British Spraycation

Uploaded by banksyfilm on 2021-08-18.

Art - Banksy - Looking at printing and stencil use


This week we have continued to develop our understanding of ratio and proportion and applying our knowledge to solve problem.

We have also looked at the use of scaling for use in maths.


We have been studying a map of Baghdad and used symbols to show specific geographical features on a 900AD map of Baghdad.

Gymnastics in PE with Mrs Edwards - Practicing rolls both forwards backwards. Fantastic demonstration given by Mrs Wiliamson.



In English this week we have been reading about parliament and exploring features of a balanced argument. We have had some class debates about various topics to develop our for and against argument's.

Music with Justyna

Exploring variables to code a programme in scratch