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Term 5

Jubilee Celebrations

A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to join us for our concert and picnic. Holly Class opened the concert with their fantastic Samba drumming and sang their hearts out in our three songs. It was great to see everyone enjoying the picnic with mums, dads, grannies, grandads and other family members out on the field, a real feel good time for the children. The PTA made amazing afternoon teas as well! Such a range of sweet treats- yum!

The afternoon was filled with activities as the children mixed year groups in their team colours to go round the classrooms to make something to eat, something to keep, something to wear and something to wave! Hopefully the little keyrings will be kept safe somewhere at home to be found in years to come when they can bring back lots of happy memories. heart

Goodbye Butterflies!

After welcoming 3 butterflies out of the 5 chrysalises, it was time to let them go so we ventured outside to free them. It was wonderful to watch them fly off to enjoy life- we even gave them a cheer!

Circle Times with BOSS
Molly and Phil from BOSS are holding circle times with each of the KS2 classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this week to help us develop our skills of teamwork, listening and cooperation along with how to deal with issues such as conflict.


We have been learning about how all living creatures can be classified depending on their characteristics eg vertebrate/invertebrate, number of legs, etc. In groups, we have used our knowledge to create branching databases.

Caterpillars are almost fully grown!

The Vikings Poem

Measuring Lines, Objects and Angles Afternoon

How much will the caterpillars grow over the weekend?

We will have to wait and see!

School Photos

Please remember NOT to send your child in PE kit on Wednesday 4th May as we will be having our class photo.

Growing Caterpillars

We cannot believe how much they have grown in just a couple of days! Every time we look through the day, they seem to be a little bigger.

Worms in the Wormery

Everyone had a chance to hold a worm today and pop it into our class wormery.

Investigating Angles

As part of our geometry work, we made angle checkers whilst looking at the different types of angles in different shapes.


Caterpillars and Tadpoles

Our tadpoles have grown so much since last week but that is nothing to how quickly our caterpillars have grown. They arrived in class this morning but had already DOUBLED in size by the end of the day. W.O.W!

What Creatures are Hiding in Our School Grounds?

Surprisingly, quite a lot! Even though we are still in spring, we found lots of small creatures hidden away: woodlice, various beetles, ladybirds, spiders, snails (still sealed in their shells), ants, slugs, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs and more! Even though there were a few nervous children on our way outside, many were able to overcome some of their fears of these small creatures and searched for them with enthusiasm. heart

Welcome Back!

We had a great first day back finding  out about the Vikings, planting seeds for our Science competition and playing team work activities in OAA in PE. The sun smiled on us too- fab!

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.