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Term 4

Week 6

Our D and T Project

Challenge: design, make, test and evaluate a 3D structure that can withstand an 'earthquake'.

Starter: What can you do with Willow Class, some cocktail sticks and marshmallows?

Everything is Starting to Grow

We have even had a chance to taste the cress in our 'water cycle' beakers.surprise

Earthquake Resistant Structures

After researching about ways real life building structures are strengthened and planning ideas, it was time to build the tallest earthquake resistant structure (out of marshmallows and spaghetti!).


Week 5

House Netball Competition

Planting Time

Carrots, peas, cucumbers. onions, sunflowers and peppers. Which will grow first?

Drying Investigation

The Water Cycle

Oak Class Entertain Us with a Song!

Week 4

Science- Change of State for Water Observations

Planning a Recount as a Team

Science Week- Time

We are looking at time throughout history and how humans have developed different ways of tracking it using various means and methods! To start with, we have looked at the sun and moon to discuss/look at ways ancient people tracked time.

Have a few quiet minutes in the company of the moon:

Spring Time Means Planting Seeds!

It seems that our free daffodil bulbs were planted too late as there are only a few green shoots but hopefully our carrot and tomato plants will do much better! A big thank you to Julia for planting all the seeds during her Breakfast Club play time. yes

Data loggers Investigation

We left our data loggers in different places around the school over the weekend to answer some questions about temperature, light and sound. What will we find out?

Week 3

Newspaper Reports- What are its Main Features?

Research time using some editions of First News.

Exploding Volcanoes

Emily and Elise has very creative weekends with explosive endings in class!

Solid to liquid = melting (with chocolate!)

Printing using Two Colours

Ultimate Frisbee

Practising today ready for the competition in Holbeach during the last week of term. Looking good out there!

More Volcanic Explosions!

Well done Alfie and Robyn. smiley

Gymnastics Jumps

World Book Day Fun!

Week 2

Volcanoes and Earthquakes Workshop with Sarah

Do Gases have Weight?

Yes they do, as we proved in our investigation by weighing fizzy and flat drinks.

Week 1

States of Matter

Acting out the 3 states- gas, liquid and solid.


Under Our Feet

Looking at the structure of the Earth (to take home to teach our families!) and Hamilton's home made Volcano Homework Project.


We took it in turns to be Tranio and a reporter to find out more about the story Escape from Pompeii.

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.