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Term 4

Joyeuses Paques!

Look at our French Easter cards.

We hope everyone has a lovely break. See you again in April!

Easter Egg Hunt- GO!

Recycling Making Fun with Willow Class

Members of Willow class led a recycling creative session this afternoon to make a ukulele from recycled materials.

Sutton Hoo

This afternoon, we worked in teams to investigate facts about  the greatest Saxon discovery in Britain. It was a race to see who could complete the task first and with the most correct answers from their research!

Communicating Online

Today, everyone had the chance to use the school email to communicate with each other. Messages of happiness were sent to each other with many smiles and much giddiness through the session. "When can we do it again, Mrs Upsall?!" smiley

Weaving Madness Continues

We could not help it, we had to keep going! There are lots of finished pieces now, some people are trying a second and some people are even trying at home! It has inspired Mylee to get her knitting machine out and have a go at a different creative method.


Our Saxon topic has inspired us to give weaving a try! It is surprisingly addictive. Thank you to Isabelle for taking the photos. wink

Reflection Collective Worship in Class

We all had lit candles in front of us as we reflected about our term's value of Wisdom.

Dissecting a Daffodil

Have a go with some other flowers at home- can you find all the parts?

Worship Council

Well done for another Collective Worship for the whole school. yes

Friends Together!

It is always good fun to decorate someone's cast. yes

How does water move from the roots through a plant? Our investigations!

Hotseating Mervyn and King Vortigern

To prepare us for our story writing next week, we interviewed the main characters to help us tell the story with lots of description.

World Book Day

What fun! Everyone looks great. heart

Science- what has happened to the plants?

Today we made our first comparative observations of the plants. What can you notice?

French Bitesize

Bitesize have great videos for all areas of the curriculum. here is a link to some French we have been working on this term:

World Book Day

As you dress up as your favourite book character, be thinking about the illustrator who created the drawings for the book. There are many famous illustrators who work closely with authors to bring their characters described in words to life- who helped to create your chosen character?

Saxon Books

This term, we are using books by the author Terry Deary to help bring our topic of the Anglo-Saxons to life. Books we will be using include:

The King who Threw Away his Throne

The Witch who Faced the Fire

We will also have a look at:

The Shepherd who Ate his Sheep

The Lord who Lost his Head

These are great stories that can also be shared at home.

Painting Fun

Have a look at this week's art work with Miss Parker.

Our First Science Investigation for our New Topic- Plants

Do plants need all their parts? We will find out over the next couple of weeks!

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.