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Term 3


Our final investigation for the term was to find out what type of soil is outside in our school grounds and if the type varies depending on where it is. The 'sausage test' helped us to find out that our soil is a loam so is great for growing.


Dave helped us to learn yet another type of drumming- out third for the year! He was amazing and helped us to pick up how to play a quite complex pattern very quickly. It sounded and looked great!


We continued our fractions work using the fraction sticks and fraction walls to find out about equivalent fractions.

Our Final Dance Session

It is official- Holly Class are extremely creative! This afternoon, the class created a group dance based on the 3 states of matter- ice, liquid and gas (steam). Brilliant! yes

What is soil?

Today, we looked closely at soil to find out what it is actually made of. We found out that there is more than one type of soil depending on where the soil is from! 

Comparing and Ordering Fractions

Holly Class have really taken to fractions- well done!

Internet Safety Visitor

Today Neil visited our class to talk about how to stay safe online (just in time for Safer Internet Day next Tuesday 7th February!). He was VERY impressed with how much we already know which goes to show how valuable our termly Digital Literacy lessons throughout the whole school are. yes

Safer Internet Day is next week so look out for a Parentmail about a family quiz and a letter with top tips for parents from our JOSOs.

More information for parents/carers:


This term's dance unit has really got us thinking about timing. Ask us about it!


A great start to our fractions unit of work in Maths! Everyone seems to be confident talking about denominators and numerators as well as unit and non-unit fractions- brilliant!

Eco Warriors

Our Eco Warriors gave presentations to every class about recycling to encourage everyone to use the correct bins. They even tested the children by holding up different pieces of rubbish to be sorted (all the classes did very well!)

Finished Fossils

They may not have taken millions of years to form but our models using Plaster of Paris are effective to show how imprints can become fossils.


This week's Maths work has moved onto measuring length, capacity and mass. We have been practically measuring before moving onto comparing, adding and subtracting measurements applying the strategies we know.

A Scientist Just Like Me!

Due to our excitement about rocks and fossils, we have been talking about possible future jobs in this field.

Below are links to PDFs of real life scientists relatable to the children for you to share at home to start conversations about possible future careers! Happy chatting. heart


Everyone was excited to start our fossils work- they are amazing! Mrs Bull is helping us to make models of imprint fossils using toy dinosaurs and Plaster of Paris (we will bring them home next week). We also had a chance to look at lots of different fossils people have brought in as well as those the school has before learning a little about Britain's most brilliant paleontologist from the past, Miss Mary Anning.


After learning the 'Visit to the beach' dance last week, we created our own dances to an 8 beat pattern. There was some great creativity!

Science- Investigating the durability of rocks

Digital Literacy- Online Bullying

Our Computing work started today with our first Digital Literacy lesson focused on Online Bullying. The class has some great ideas about what to do about not only if you are bullied but also if you witness bullying and if you realise that you might be the bully.

This is a serious subject that benefits greatly from discussion with parents not just in school.

Online Bullying is not OK

Science- a rock hunt

We started our science work today by going on a rock hunt around the school grounds then looking at gravestone pictures to see what can happen to rocks over hundreds of years. After a discussion about how rocks are formed, we observed closely a range of different rocks with our partners and tried to group them by their characteristics.


Happy New Year!

Welcome back to another exciting term! Our topic is Arctic Explorers where we will be learning about how the brave men tried to reach the North and South Pole over one hundred years ago. In Science we are looking at Rocks, Fossils and Soils, always an interesting term, finding out about what creatures lived millions of years ago and how we know. Biographies are our first focus in English moving onto persuasive writing and narratives later in the term. We will continue with Multiplication and division in Maths for the first two weeks before moving onto measures then Fractions and Decimals. PE remains on a Monday and Friday with our topics being Dodgeball and Dance. Computer Science starts with Digital Literacy looking at Online Bullying. There's new words to learn in French and great work to be continued in music and art- all of this in less than six weeks! Phew!

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.