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Term 6

Today we took our weaving off the loom and the adults tied up all the ends for us.

Here are our finished results! We are very proud of our accomplishment.

Thursday 30th June 2022

Today we used our home grown carrots to make carrot cakes!

We weighed, measured, stirred, spooned, spread and then we eventually got to enjoy them! Even Mrs Ely came in to Oak class to sample a cake.

A big thank you to Mrs Pateman and Mrs Andrew for coming into school in the afternoon to help us.

Wednesday 29th June 2022

Today we harvested our carrots that we have grown from seeds.  Come back tomorrow to see what we are going to do with them.

Tuesday 21st June 2022

In Math's today we went outside today to estimate and measure how many green cups the different bottles of water will fill.  We found out that the milk bottles filled the most amount of green cups.

Friday 17th June 2022

Today we used different kinds of bottles to launch our mice into space!  We discovered that how far it can travel depends on the shape of the bottle, the material it is made from and how strong the force used is, as well as weather conditions (wind)!

Thursday 16th June 2022

Today we created out mice, ready to launch into space by a rocket tomorrow.

As part of our art, we have started weaving on looms and learning about warp and waft.  We showed great patience and perserverance! 

Wednesday 8th June 2022

Today we took our metre rulers outside and measured all kinds of things to the nearest metre.  We worked in pairs and recorded our findings on whiteboards.  

We then measured each other and found out that Corey is the tallest and Elise is the shortest student in Oak Class.

On Monday 6th June, we launched our new topic, ‘All Aboard!’


We talked a little about how we would be learning about boats and the journey of The Mayflower to America. We thought about what we already knew and what we wanted to know during this topic.


We then had a 'Sailor Training' session to make sure that we had all the skills needed to take part in our voyage of discovery.


We had to show that we could:

- follow Captain's orders ('captain's calling' game)

- work as part of a crew ('islands' game with hoops to cross the hall)

- navigate with a compass ('compass points' game)

- steer a ship to port ('boat balancing' challenge)


The successful shipmates were awarded with a certificate at the end of the day.

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.