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Term 5

Another reading session with parents went well this week.

English - Planning, drafting and writing stories based on evacuated children of WWII with a range of characters who speak either formally or informally.

Full title reads: "Evacuating The Children". VS Good shots including CUs of Salvation army women and policemen helping hundreds of children aboard special trains at the London main line stations. Good CUs of children leaning out of train windows smiling. GV Children stepping down from train onto crowded platform of the country station where they are to be evacuated.

After a very fun Monday unfortunately it was work as usual for the rest of the week.


Maths - We looked at number function machines and working out rules for number patterns.


History - We explored how propoganda is used by country governments to persuade people to agree to what the leaders believe in. We explored how Hitla used propoganda to persuade the Germans that Jews should be destroyed and in the UK there were times like 'the Miracle of Dunkirk' The army had lost the battle. But, instead of focusing on the disaster, the government celebrated the bravery of fishermen and others who used there small boats to rescue some 300,00 soldiers form the battlefield. This encouraged people living in Britain to believe that we could still win the war.

Science magic

Still image for this video

Science - We explored how light can be reflected and refracted. Various small experiments were done to investigate.

Bill Nye The Science Guy on Light, Bending & Bouncing

Light bends through a lens. Bill shows us why. We call it the science of "optics." Notice that the light changes direction every time it goes from air to plastic,and then again when it goes from plastic to air. It's slows down and speeds up. When that happens, it just can't help but bend.

Dentist - Some children took part in an annual dental survey. Two dental nurses came in and asked a few questions about healthy diets and food consumption. They looked at their teeth and input data into a laptop. All children who participated got a sticker reward.

PE - We combined our orienteering and mathematical skills n PE this week and completed a challenge set by Mrs Edwards. In small teams we followed instructions to find letters and numbers to created a mathematical equation to score points. 

PGL - Caythorpe Manor

We started the week off on Monday with lots of fun and adventure as we visited Caythorpe Manor PLG outdoor adventure centre. We scaled the climbing wall, shot arrows, glided on a zipwire and found numbers using orienteering instructions. A great time was had by all and the children reported to school Tuesday morning saying they slept very well. 

Week commencing 15th May 2023

Lastly, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all our Year 6 Elm Class children who have undertaken the SATs this week. We could not be more proud of the hard work, perseverance and resilience you all showed. Each and everyone of you are amazing.


Well Done Guys!!




Thanks to the parents that came into Elm Class and read with some of the children.

In History we spoke about Children who were Evacuated in WWII. Mrs James brought in a wonderful historical artifact a bracelet given to her own Mother when she was evacuated.

Continued Team skills and leadership skills during our PE lessons

Another insightful and delicious Philosophers cafe in RE

Music was fun this week.

Week Commencing 8th April 2023 

Elm Class wants to wish you all a wonderful Coronation Bank Holiday Weekend.

Good Luck King Charles. Long may you live.

The Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla


This week we discovered that over 50 countries were involved in WWII and many if those countries belonged to the British Empire. We located them all on the world map, showing which countries supported the allies, the axes and those which were neutral.


Miss Parker gave Elm class a fun challenge this week. She asked them to use photography to prove their knowledge and understanding of Foreground, Middle-ground and Background. 


Another great lesson and fun had as we continued to develop our teamwork skills. Learning to trust in a leader to lead the team to success.


We explored what shadows are and how they change depending on the distance away from the light source. We spent lots of time measuring distances and recording the results.


We continued with our formal writing having to edit drafts of letters and re-write them using formal vocabulary, passive voice and even in the subjunctive form.


Shaping up in Maths, reminding us of the properties of shape; how to measure angles with a protractor and how to plot co-ordinates on the 4 quadrants of the grid.

Week commencing 30th April 2023


This week we found out why WWII began and who the leaders of the main countries involved were. We found out which countries were our allies and which were the Axis powers.

We located all the countries using an atlas, we then found their capital cities and were surprised how many there are.

In music we have introduced a new instrument into our lesson - The Tiako drum.


We worked on our scientific enquiry in science this week. We found out that when you light a candle, it doesn't melt, it in fact burns and this process is irreversible.