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Term 4

Easter Fun on the last day of term

Our final product - Art

P.E - For our final PE lesson we got various gymnastic equipment out and the climbing wall and had FUN!!!

English continued - We have announced the school KS2 production of 'Rock Bottom' , so we used some of our lesson to have a look through the script and practice our theatrical skills. 

Outside Collective Worship - For our Collective Worship on Tuesday we had and outdoor service. Mrs Nicholls placed various photo's of artwork around the school field, the art work was created by William Fairbanks the actual pieces are on display in Lincoln Cathedral. These artworks tell the story of Good Friday, we had a reflective, quiet and clam walking service telling the story in our classes. When we arrived at the 14 stations the class teacher read the part of the story connected to the picture. When each class had finished we then all gathered in the hall, sat in our class lines and watched the images projected on the wall and sat quietly reflecting on what we had just seen and heard, we sang a song to conclude this worship.

English - Further exploration of the use of determiners, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, pronouns and conjunctions and how we can use them in our writing. 

Reading - We have continued to read the Shakespeare story 'A midsummer nights dream' looking at both Old English and modern day English.

Maths - We have been looking at fractions and percentages of a circle and reminding ourselves of how we find the area and the perimeter of shapes. We used compasses to draw a perfect circle which we needed to have in order to make a pie chart to record our data.

Short week this week, only 4 days of learning before we go off on our Easter half term holiday.



Week Commencing 25/3/24

Easter Cracked

Easter Cracked at Spalding Baptist Church.


We were again invited to Spading Baptist Church for some fun activities to celebrate Easter. Some children were invited to re-enact the Easter Story form the Bible. We watched a video about the crucifixion of Jesus. We also spoke about the importance of  making our own  Religious choices and Beliefs. One of the congregation shared her own moving story about her journey to Christianity;  we watched a video of her being baptised in the Baptistry. The pure elation on her face both during and while watching it back was amazing to witness. 

Now for the taste test.

Robin Eye

Robin Eye - Recipe




4 Large Potatoes

1tbl spoon Paprika

4 large Tomatoes

100g Mozzarella

Pinch of salt




Peel and cook the potatoes un-till they are able to be mashed

Chop the tomatoes into small pieces 

To the mash add all the ingredients and combine

On a flat floured surface take a small amount of the mixture and make a ball and then slightly flatten

Place onto an oiled baking tray and bake at 180ºc for approximately 15 mins or un-till golden brown in colour.

Place on a wire rack to cool then eat and enjoy!







Spudtastic Spuds

Spudtastic Spuds - Recipe




4 Large potatoes

8 Large strawberries

50g Dark chocolate

1tbl spoon of sugar

pinch of salt

30g plain flour

splash of milk




Peel and cook the potatoes and cook un-till they are able to be mashed

Chop the strawberries into small pieces

Chocolate - this can be either chopped into chunks or melted, this is your choice

To the mash add all the ingredients and combine

On a flat floured surface take a small amount of the mixture and make a ball and then slightly flatten

Place onto an oiled baking tray and bake at 180ºc for approximately 15 mins or un-till golden brown in colour.

Place on a wire rack to cool then eat and enjoy!




TLC Spuds

TLC Spuds - Recipe




4 Large Potatoes 

2tbl spoon mixed spice

3tbl spoon runny honey

pinch of salt

Plain flour




Peel and cook potatoes un-till soft enough to mash

To the mash add the mixed spice, honey and salt and combine un-till fully mixed.

Flour a flat surface and take a small amount of mash and make small ball of mixture and flatten slightly.

Place onto an oiled baking tray and bake at 180ºc for approximately 15 mins or un-till golden brown in colour.

Allow to cool on a rack then Enjoy!


To complete our topic on the history of the potato the class split into 3 groups and created their own recipe for a potato cake. The children implemented a survey to discover the classes food preferences,  this gave them some inspiration for their creation.

These were then actually created and tasted by Elm class. There was a great divide in the class of who's was better.  Some interesting reipies were created and they are above if you wish to try them for yourselves, If you dare  surprise

SATs practice test week begins.

All the children worked really hard to complete some practice tests ready for the real thing in May.  Lots of focus and perseverance, some crazy answers too. This made for some interesting marking!  Who knew that the contraction of will not is willn't? surprise  I always thought it was won't, how wrong was I laugh

Week Commencing 18/3/24

Inspiration for our felt food. Lucy Sparrow.

Art - Continued to make our very own felt creations and they are coming along nicely, some easier than others, believe me when i say there is blood (lots of pricked fingers with needles) Sweat (not much of that, other than Mrs Twelves' hot flushes) and Tears (its amazing how our emotions take hold when things just don't go the way they were planned) Lets he it will all be worth it. 

P.E - Continued with improving our gymnastic skills with the support from Mrs Edwards. Chris from Inspire+ is also fine tuning our rounders skills and developing our accuracy with the bat. 

Maths- Exploring how to find the mass of a potato.

Maths - We have been looking at finding the area and perimeter of 3D shapes. We have used our multiplicative knowledge to support our calculations and have created some of our own 3D shapes.

Science continued -  How long can a potato be kept before it becomes rotten? Lets find out. We implemented some potato based experiments to explore which conditions were best to keep potatoes in. We are comparing washed potatoes and muddy potatoes. each group have put both types of potatoes in various conditions i.e in water, a dark place and a light place.


We have also looked at what the potato is made of and have tried to extract the starch from the potato. 


Did you know that some carrier bags are in fact made from potatoes? 

English - Following on from our investigations about the moon we began to write poems raising our concerns. Some wonderfulwork was produced and the children took pride in their presentation. 

Fact File leaflet about Potatoes

Music playing toot toots

We looked at phases of the moon and the names of the seas (which are only craters) on the moon. We recognised that recently a Japanese spacecraft landed on the moon in January, but when it hit the surface it was nearly upside down. We discussed whether such things should be allowed to happen because during its journey to the moon debris gets left behind and could litter the moon.


Is it such a good idea to have people using the moon? 


The Moon for Kids Learn all about the Moon in this fun learning video for kids! You'll discover what the Moon is, what it is made of, and much more!

Science - On Monday we began the celebration of science week. The theme was time and we have been exploring the way the moon governs our time.

We set up experiments to see if we could make use of the lunar calendar when planting and growing plants . Will the gravity of the moon draw the water into the plants from the soil and produce a stronger and bigger plant more quickly?

Week Commencing 11/3/24

Reading - To spice up our reading session we re-enacted a scene from 'The Tempest' using props. I think you can agree all cast members looked amazing. 

History - We compared journeys that famous people took during the Tudor and Elizabethan times. We found out where they travelled to and discussed why they felt the need to risk their lives and travel across dangerous oceans.

World Book Day 2024 Elm Class

Maths - We have been studying area and perimeter of shapes and have found the formula for finding the area of a rectangle. This has helped us to find the area of a triangle.

Bananagrams - Lola-May and Mrs Twelves implemented a game of Bananagrams however, we were unable to use a few of the letters so we called in the 'Boss' AKA Mrs Ely who saved the day and completed the game using all the letter tiles. Good job.

P.E - We had a man from inspire+ come into school to each us how to play a match of Frisbee. Who knew you could have a competitive frisbee match? He taught the fundamentals of the game, then in turn each team played against one another. Mrs James and Mrs Edwards then took a PE lesson and continued to develop their skills further.  Red team took on Blue team and played a match all the children worked hard and the team skills were very good. Blue team were the overall winners, Mrs James  was very excited as she was the Blue team captain. Well done to both teams.

English - We have been working hard to prepare our writing for publishing a leaflet about potatoes. It has taken a lot of hard work to: draft ideas and then re-write them; to think about exciting titles and sub-titles; to decide which photos and diagrams we wish to include; and to draw graphs to represent data. These are going to be amazing leaflets.

A personal huge thank-you to Oshn for her hard work on my Maths Hub gap task #2. As always you were brilliant thanks again Mrs Twelves.


Week Commencing 4th March

A sneaky little extra addition to Elm Class during celebration assembly last week. Ethan wanted to sit with his big sister Freya. So cute.

Maths - We have continued our work on percentages and practiced finding percentages of an amount and solving problems.

Finding a Percent of a Number | Calculating Percentages

Music - Elm class continued to explore rhythm and are learning to pay the 'Toots'

Art - Finally our projects have began to take shape, each chid has now started to process of manufacturing their ideas into actual pieces. Watch this space.

P.E - Continued to enrich our gymnastic skills, we have been using the spring board to jump onto a vault. Some of us were able to do this and others found it tricky. To extend the skill some children were then able to jump on the spring board place their hands on the vault and jump over it to land on the mat into a pencil finish. 

Rounders, who knew trying to hit a ball with a rounders bat accurately was so tricky? Elm class found out just how tricky this was in one of our PE lessons it was not as easy as it looked. We evidently need to continue to enhance this skill further.

English - We have started planning, drafting and re-drafting a report about potatoes. We have used the laptops and i-pads to research facts about potatoes. There are definitely a lot and some are really odd...  

This week we have been finding out lots of interesting information about the humble potato. We found out where it was originally grown; how it came to England; when people started to grow crops and eat the potato; and a fury of other fascinating facts.

Week commencing 26th February 2024

Science - We planned, carried out and recorded our results for a scientific inquiry to see how exercise changes our heart rate.

PE - Gymnastics - Continued developing our skills in jumping and landing with a pencil finish. We used various equipment including the spring board to elevate us on the the horse.

Rounders - Practiced our fielding skills, along with our throwing an catching, which is a vital skill required to play rounders and other sports.  

Lucy Sparrow Felt Cornershop

Uploaded by Implausibleblog on 2014-08-12.

Art - WE have started a new project in art looking at Soft Sculpture. The artist from whom this is inspired by is a British artist called Lucy Sparrow. She uses felt to create various creations including fruit, tinned food, cereal and much more.

We will be creating our very own soft sculptures, so watch this space.

The stories we are looking at are set during the Elizabethan Times, so we are going to be studying the Tudor and Elizabethan times in History.


In D&T we are going to be discovering what major food changes occurred during the last Elizabethan times.

History through the eyes of the potato - Leo Bear-McGuinness

View full lesson: Baked or fried, boiled or roasted, as chips or fries; at some point in your life you've probably eaten a potato. But potatoes have played a much more significant role in our history than just that of the dietary staple we have come to know and love today.

Reading - English has also linked into our reading sessions. We have begun reading 'Dodos are forever' by Dick King-Smith and The Tempest' by William Shakespeare. Not only do both stories include a storm, they are both set on a small Island.  

English - We have been busy drafting, redrafting and editing our writing about a storm, which we have developed into the beginning of a story. We are realising our first write may not be the best and improvements can be made to make our story even better.

Math booster games


Please see the external links on this page to some fantastic Math games for you children to explore. We strongly encourage children to access these in their free time to boost Mathematical knowledge in a fun interactive way. 

Week commencing 19/2/24


Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.