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Term 4

Happy easter animation video

Easter animation


To finalise our Potato theme we had to manufacture our final potato salad. As groups we created a few variations of the potato salad making it desirable to all, we made a less spicy version, a vegan version, a mayo free and a free from for those with allergies. Of course we had to taste it and i must say... IT WAS DELICIOUS yes

Making Kathryn's winning Spicy Potato Salad


Linked to our potato topic we worked out the ratio for the ingredients; also we worked out the price point for 200g of potato salad. We added a 30% profit margin and decided on a price to sell the product for.


We worked on the computers to design a label for our finalised potato product. We thought about what the public would like and how our labels would appeal to the customers and encourage them to purchase our product. 

Creating our power points to encourage people to vote for our Potato Product. Label designing.

Easter Cracked at Spalding Baptist Church

Easter service Weston Hills Church

To finish off our D&T week we finally chose a new recipe for potatoes and set about the process for manufacturing it. We wrote persuasive letters to imaginary  companies; we pitched our ideas to the class; we voted for the 'best' recipe.



Week Commencing  27th March 2023


Playtime fun photo dump

Unfortunately, Justyna was ill this week however the marvellous Mrs James stood in for her and delivered a great music lesson.



In P.E, we have started to combine all the gymnastic skills we have been learning about to create sequences of balances joined together with different types of rolls.  

Continuing with our Art project.



We developed and practiced our skills in multiplication and division, including using the long division method and calculating with decimal numbers.



We continued to design a new potato product and have even written persuasive letters a food designer might send to a manufacturer to persuade them to make our product.


Linked to this was the homework for this week- the children were challenged to make a potato cake. Congratulations to those of you who had a go and some even brought in a few for us all to try. They were delicious.

Mrs Twelves even had a go.

Looking at a sample advert to support our own advertising campaign for our potato product.



We have continued our work in D&T by exploring what makes food healthy and un-healthy; why its important to eat a healthy balanced diet. We realise that food labels tell us a lot of information about what it is made of, where the ingredients have come from, how long we can keep it before it becomes un-safe to consume and much more. 

To celebrate national poetry day we created our very own nonsense poems.

Little Red Ridding Hood

Our rehearsals are going well for our self penned drama productions and we are nearly ready for premier performances with our background scenery ready on our power points. There has been lots of organising of our many props. Not long to go now till show time.


Week Commencing  20th March 2023 

Songs for Kids | It's The Weekend | Zeamu Music

Have a great weekend guys!!!

Continued to practice our self penned playscripts.

As Mrs James & Mrs Twelves were out on a 2 day training course Elm Class were lucky enough to have the wonderful Miss Parker who by all accounts was a wizz at the maths. 👍

Continuing our Art Project

For History we found out about sailors who travelled to South & North America during the Tudor and Elizabeth Ages.




This week we have been using atlas and google maps to explore the physical features of Peru.




Science Day


What a fantastic Science Day had by all of Weston Hills School on Wednesday. Various activities were implemented in the class rooms.


In the morning session, Elm Class studied fingerprints, noticing that everyone's were different and unique to them. They used a charcoal pencil to create a dark coloured dust, then placed their finger in one at a time and transferred each print onto a piece of cello-tape to be placed on the record sheet, next was investigating who's print belonged to who. The class recorded the findings and evaluated the outcomes to see if there were any links between girls and boys.


After lunch Elm Class investigated the hypothesis - does brown sugar enable yeast to produce more carbon dioxide than white sugar? Some tried to find out how much sugar yeast needs to produce carbon.


Needless to say a great time was had by all. smiley


Week Commencing 12th March 2023 


Its been a a busy week of assessments and a great deal of change for everyone this week. Sandwiched in the middle with a fantastic Science day. 

World book Day Library visit. Photo taken from our local paper Spalding today. See link below to view article.

Elm class enjoying the snow.

Top Secret: Our Elm Class Theatre groups have stared to rehearse their self written plays.

In Reading we have begun to read the story of A Midsummer Nights Dream and have looked at the 3 different groups of characters. 

History through the eyes of the potato - Leo Bear-McGuinness

The History of the Potato.

This week we have been studying how the potato came to the UK. We were amazed to learn that there are over 4000 different types of potatoes around the world.

We tried a piece of boiled potato and a slice of sweet potato, which many of us hadn't tried before. 

In Maths we have been looking at the different types of graphs. We have drawn our own bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, carroll diagrams and venn diagrams. We carried out a survey in maths and used the results to inspire a new recipe using potatoes.


We have also found our graph knowledge quite useful in other subjects also, including, History, Geography and D&T.


Week Commencing 5th March 2023

Our book purchases.

Our Trip to the Library and Bookmark

Choosing book swaps and looking at the books we got from our trip to Bookmark.

Elm class sharing some of the books they are currently reading.


This week we sorted statements onto a continuum line from - all Christians believe ---------------------------------- no Christians believe.

This was then discussed in pairs and the statements were placed where they believed  they belonged. Mrs Nicholls explained that each person will have differing opinions where the statements would belong; which is correct as we all have our own Christian beliefs.


We found islands in the five main Oceans of the world, using longitude and latitude co-ordinates to locate them and plot them on the map.

(Learning Welsh) Basic - How to say (happy) Saint David's Day

For St David's Day we learnt how to Say Happy St David's Day in Welsh.


During our gymnastics sessions, we have continued to develop our skills in rolling our bodies, as a pencil roll, barrel roll and a forward roll, learning to tense our muscles in our body to help the roll flow.


We held our breath during science, just to see how big our lung capacity is, to explore this further we blew up balloons using only 1 breath, we then compared the various sizes of the balloons to see who had a larger lung capacity. Then we studied diagrams of the lungs to find out what each part is called and what is does.


Not only have we been preforming extracts of Shakespeare's plays, we have also become Playwrights, hoping our play will be performed by the theatre co play 'Elmdramatics' in the near future.


We have drawn 2D shapes on co-ordinate grids; translated them to different quadents, reflected them on the x and y axes; and rotated the around central pionts.



Miss Parker shared the wonderful gifts Mrs Ely had purchased for School linked to our Art Lessons, however, she did say she thought that Kobe our school dog had opened the package as its was ripped in lots of places, it turns out it was actually Mrs Ely!

We started to cut out the fabrics needed to create our finished products. Keep looking on here to see the progress made.