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Term 1

Introducing Elm Class of 2024

The topic for term 1 is called

‘In the beginning…’


This will be a Science-based topic looking at how the world began, evolution and adaptation.

In year 6 we will also be learning to play various instruments.

We will be taking part in an exciting reading challenge as well, so make sure you let us know who your favourite authors are.


Things you may want to know:


P.E Days:         Wednesday



School P.E kit is to be worn (No football kits please) Earrings need to be either removed before attending school or your child must be able to take them out themselves.



Sent out:          Thursday

Due in:            Following Thursday


N.B. There will be 2 homework books which will be sent out alternately each week.

It is an expectation for all children to complete homework and hand it in on time.

If you feel you need any support with completing your homework, please let us know.

Week Commencing 4.9.23


We welcomed 20 wonderful new children in to Elm class this week. They have come into school ready and willing to learn; are engaging and contributing in all lessons. Here's to another great year.

Science walk

Heads down and working well.

Geography - creating our very own model to show longitude and latitude also the equator.

Week Commencing 10.9.23



We've made a great start in maths, reminding ourselves of the importance of place value of a number, and the use of zero as a place holder. We have used a variety of manipulatives to show how the decimal system works.



We have been focusing on how we can write a variety of sentences. We are beginning to realise how important commas are and where to put them in sentences. We have also been working on organising our writing into paragraphs and using amazing descriptive language when describing characters from stories.  



This week we looked at portraits and had a go at drawing our ourselves. The class was split into small groups and each took a turn of being the subject, so they took a pose and each team member drew them using various non-erasable media.



We have been exploring how the Earth was formed, and how the dinosaurs became extinct ... or actually some survived and became birds we know today.

The world changed from one land mass called the Pangea and formed into continents. We can locate these using lines of longtude and latitude.

Mrs James explained that in Holbeach there was actually a stone representing the Maridan line. So Mrs Milbank took herself off on an adventure to find it and as you can see she was successful.



In PE this week we are learning how to keep our bodies fit and developing our stamina.

Week Commencing 18.09.23


We are learning how to use different literacy features to make our stories more interesting to read. We are determined to learn what determiners are used and how and hoe we can use them in our writing. We also have been exploring the use of formal and informal language to bring characters to life.

Formal vs Informal writing

This is a video animation explaining the differences between formal and informal language and an explanation of when you would want to use one or the other. The video also looks at some of the characteristics of the two types of language to help you better write letters adopting a formal style.


We've had a busy week reminding ourselves how to round numbers tp power of 10 and ordering negative numbers. 


This week we have been exploring how some of our characteristics are inherited from parents and grandparents, whilst some features, like what our favourite colours are, are not inherited, just personal preference.


This week we looked at an artist called Mike Barrett who created art through layering, this can be done using various media. He particularly likes to use digital images to create layered art based on the human face. Miss parker showed us a video of him describing his thought processes to create individual art pieces. We even had the chance to see a print of one of his creations that Miss Parker had brought in for us to see. We then got to work using various media to explore our own layering techniques.


We had fun in history when we become archaeologists and worked out how tall the first man in the UK was, using just a footprint found on the coast of Norfolk.


This week Mrs Nicholls tasked the children to create their very own God using some of the words given to them. Looking at technical words  Christians use to describe God eg:



Week Commencing  25.09.23


We used watercolour and inks to create a self portrait, we each attempted to create shadows and highlights to our facial features using cross hatching and blending.


We have been reading about a character called Torak in our class book ''Wolf Brother''

This is story set in the 'Stone Age' times and we've been discovering what life was like then. This has helped us with our History work. 


We have been exploring and using additive structures to help us solve problems involving addition and subtraction. 


Elm class have turned into authors this week and have written stories. We had to think about different characters we could create and how they could speak. We did thus again by using formal and informal language. 


We have looked at various historical replicas to see what the real things were to look like.  We think it must have been really hard to live in a time with no shops, no houses to live in and no electricity.


We are still trying to build up our muscles in PE and extending our stamina for running, showing the difference between jogging and sprinting.


We discussed the word stereotype and what that means to them. We decided that on occasion we can all be guilty of stereotyping and must think and accept others and do not judge.  

Computing Monday 2nd October

We will use this link to create a shared project using the same starter.

Self-Portraits inspired by Emelbi

Still image for this video
This term we have been looking at 'Exploring Identity' in our Art lessons. We have created self-portraits in the style of artist Emelbi using drawing, painting and collage techniques.

Computing- Communication

This week, we discussed ways that we can communicate with people face to face eg speaking, writing, symbols, gestures and how we can communicate with people over the internet eg messaging, Zoom. We then discussed the most appropriate ways to communicate different things such as sharing holiday photos, informing people about a school disco and meeting up with friends. 

Week commencing 2/10/21 - 13/10/23

Where have the last 2 weeks gone? We have been so busy I have not had a chance to add on here so, here goes a mass photo dump.


I'll do better next term I promise.


wink Mrs Twelves

Johnathan Broom-Edwards



Some children in Elm class took part in Bikeability this week implementing level 1 & 2. The teachers of the course were very pleased with the concentration and focused attitude all riders showed. Unfortunately, due to the weather level 3 had to be postponed to another date.


Art - Self portrait digital art.

Computing ICT

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.