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JOSO (Junior Online Safety Officers)



Our 'old' JOSOs held an in depth interview process before choosing our new representatives!

Passed the Interview!

First Task

The 'new' and 'old' JOSOs are working closely together on a presentation for Cherry and Oak Class about staying safe online. They will follow this up with a letter to our new reception children's parents with help/ideas as to how to keep their child safe at home as they start to go online to play games.

Oak Class Presentation

Our JOSOs did a great job sharing their presentation with the children in Oak Class and trying to answer their questions. Cherry Class next!

Competition Time!

Please look at our display board in the corridor for the winners

For Parents

Is this useful for you?

Final Competition

Earn points for your team- everyone has the potential to get 10 points for their team!

Reception- neat colouring

KS1- 10 words to find in the wordsearch

KS2- 10 online safety questions

2021-22 continued into 2023

Our Junior Online Safety Officers

Our three officers are now fully trained and have started on their first mission- to inform parents how to help their children stay safe online.

The link above is for our first video for parents with advice to help your child(ren) stay safe online.

Internet Safety Day 8th February

This is a link to our latest letter for parents.

It took a long time to organise leaflets and letters for every child in the school!

Helpful Hints for Parents

This is our leaflet with some tips for parents about keeping safe online. We hope it is helpful.

Summer Term

We are making a Powerpoint about fake news to share with everyone in assembly. We know that you can't always believe everything you see online so this will help everyone to know more. Watch this space.

Fake News

Today we held our assembly with the whole school to share information about how to spot fake news on the internet. It was nerve wracking but we looked confident and it went really well!

Stay Safe Online

Young people talking about how to stay safe when gaming online- a great video for children and parents to watch together.

JOSOs Celebration!

We had the chance to celebrate with some other schools- they even gave us sweets and an enormous balloon!

JOSOs 2022-23

We are looking for some Year 5s to join us in our JOSO tasks this term and learn about what we do. The long term aim is for the new members to take over in the Spring! Do you think you are up to the task?

See Kathryn, Matilda or Jack to find out more.


Our new JOSOs have been chosen and are already well on their way with their first task. They have been asked to prepare a presentation for Cherry and Oak class to highlight how to stay safe in school and make sure they understand our school online safety posters messages.

Today, we talked to Cherry Class and Oak Class about online safety. We shared our presentation and took questions from the children after we watched a short CEOP video. Below is the link to the the video:

Safer Internet Day 2023

This year Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 7th February.

Please join in the family quiz at home to talk about internet safety whilst having fun together (click on the link above).

We are sending a letter home with some top tips for parents too- we hope it is helpful!!

More information:



Our First Solo Presentations

Today, we visited all of the classes to talk about PEGI ratings and Safer Internet Day, leaving letters for parents with Top Tips to help keep their children safe online. 

Our Next Project

We are planning to hold a poster design competition at the end of this term- watch this space for more details!

Poster Competition

Today we announced our PEGI poster competition in assembly for everyone (including the teachers!).

Cherry and Oak Class- design a game suitable for PEGI 3+

Holly, Willow, Elm- design a poster explaining PEGI

Entries in by Tuesday 2nd May with winners announced on Friday 5th May. smiley

Well done to the winners of our competition- enjoy your treats!

Our winning posters are on display on our display in the middle corridor near the toilets.

Our Final Task for the School Year

In term 6 we will be sharing more information with Cherry Class and Oak Class about keeping safe online through an online story then taking any questions. We will also be talking to Holly Class about a brilliant kids search engine called Swiggle.

Online Safety Story Time and Singing with EYFS/KS1

The younger ones responded really well to our story and even joined in the singing!

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.