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Term 3

We hope you all have a great half term.

consent for kids

Consent is like being ruler of your own country...population: YOU. This is a smart, playful guide to consent and bodily autonomy. There is an upcoming book, based on this video that's packed with bright and energetic illustrations.

In PHSE today we discussed consent and the meaning of this. What do we know about consent? Together we explored what this means and when do we need to have consent. See the link to view the video we watched in class.

Taiko Drum Workshop - On Thursday we were extremely lucky to have a man in to school to share his knowledge of inner mind and peace through the art of music. We became; still like the water - strong as a mountain - fierce like a tiger... ROAR!

He taught us how to feel the spirit of the music to remain tranqill and calm. It was very loud and great fun.

P.E - After all our hard work in previous P.E lessons learning the art of Bhangra dance, we consolidated our skills and 2 groups choreographed wonderful dance routines showcasing various movements and changing formations of dance.

History - We went back in time in History and rote amazing recounts as Anglo Saxons, Norman Knights, Mongul Soldiers or Citizens of Baghdad.

Maths - This week we have been learning about percentages, so we can calculate our test score in percentages. 

Practice SATs

Yr 6 have been practicing for their upcoming SATs, they have shown lots of improvements in their work.

Well Done.yes


Week commencing 6th February 2023

RE - Understanding ways of Genisis

Science - We have found out how diet and exercise affects our health. We realise the need for having a quality diet, as well as exercising in different ways regularly.

Digital literacy

In Elm class this week we have explored online saftey, and have been learning about how we can protect ourselves from and report incidences of online unkindness and bullying behaviour,

P.E - Dance was very energetic as we created and performed a rigorous Bhangra-style routine.


We found lots of ways to multiply, divide, add and subtract fractions, using Cuisenaire rods to help us to explain what we are doing.

In English, we have been using the skills we have developed to write about the round city of Baghdad. We have drafted and rewritten introductions, paragraphs full of interesting facts, and thoughtful conclusions. The final copy was written into our Topic books.

English / Humanities / ICT

Using the skills we have been learning in English we are writing a recount of Baghdad. 

Our research has been found using various on-line resources.

Art - Starting our final art piece, a bold eye catching poster.

Maths -  Continued fraction work and explored various ways and methods to support our learning and understanding.

Week commencing 30th January 2023

i-sing pop

Whole class reading

PE - Blindfolded goal ball


We discussed what peer pressure is and suggested strategies to help us to cope. We made badges to symbolise the strategies. 

Dance - We watched a part of a Banghra dance. We then experienced copying different Banghra motifs and fitting them together to make a dance sequence. It was great fun and extremley energetic.


Our Science lesson this week became a drama lesson in trying to explain how the double circulatory systems (in our bodies) works.


Exploring what fractions are, finding fractions of numbers and multiplying fractions.

Writing in English

We wrote various recounts in English this week. Our main focus was on the 3 little pigs. 

Week commencing 23rd January 2023


Estimating and finding the capacity of various containers. Trying to visualise what a litre looks like and compare it with 2 pints lots of fun and mess had by all. 

Maths- Using the concrete materials to explore cubic measurement


This week we looked at balanced argument and debate. 'Should Mobile phones be allowed in schools?'

The class was split into 2 groups a fore and an against. They were asked to research the pros and cons of mobile phone use in school and write a balanced argument to share with the group. 

Egg experiment demonstrates osmosis and diffusion

Try this simple experiment in order to see diffusion and osmosis work with an egg. This experiment helps demonstrate how a cell moves objects into and out of the cell. All you need for this demonstration is vinegar, an egg, a cup, syrup, and distilled water.


We became scientists this week and did a practical experiment to explore and demonstrate the processes of diffusion and osmosis.

Above is a video for you to watch and if you feel you wish to have a go. Please share pics if you attempt this at home.

Week Commencing 16th January 2023


In Elm class we are studying life in Bagdad in 700AD. Interestingly, the first Abbey at Crowland was built around the same time. We visited the Abbey and were given a tour and told all about its history and heritage.

To get the feel of life in Lincolnshire during Medieval times, we found out about St Guthlac. Crowland was an island with 3 rivers which met where the Trinity Bridge is today. The marshland surrounding Crowland made life a little damp and difficult to grow food.

But, just like Bagdad, the four main roads are called North, East, South  and West Streets. Miles away from each other we can see the importance of a place of worship at the centre of a community. A great time was had by all.

Baking - Using our knowledge of weight and capacity to make some delicious treats.

Week Commencing 9th January 2023

Ma famille (Vocabulaire de la famille) - alain le lait

Ma famille - Song in French singing all about Families.
We explored Families in French today and wrote about each family member in our books.


Studying the different types of verb tenses and sharing our ideas about the future, using the future tense.

Predictions for the Future


Exploring the importance and purpose of blood in our bodies.

We even made our very own Blood using various ingredients.


Blood Recipe

200ml Pineapple juice - Plasma

150g Raspberries - Red blood cells

1/2tsp Sprinkles - Platelets 

A few mini marshmallows - White \blood cells