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Term 6

Melting Chocolate

The heat was almost enough to melt the chocolate without candles and bowls of hot water but we soldiered on with our final science investigation. Once we had made our observations and found out which way melted the chocolate the quickest, we dipped in marshmallows and enjoyed the sweetness! kiss

Our Sports Hour

It was great to see the colourful hair and faces this morning!

The children did amazingly well to complete all the sports this morning, even those children who felt a little unsure completed every race with the support of their team- it was lovely to see. heart

Our Presentations to Parents

Last week, we wrote about some of the highlights from the past year. We have now recorded ourselves reading what we wrote to share our thoughts with you. Please log onto Google Classroom to see everyone's presentations. yes


Sports Hour Fun

Please remember to send your child into school on Monday wearing sports clothes in the TEAM COLOURS along with maybe some face paint or coloured wig! It would be great to see as many children as possible representing their team colourfully. heart I will be sure to put lots of photos on here.

Remember, these last points might be key to who will win the team cup this year (and a special treat on Wednesday morning!).

Volcanoes Ready!

The chemical reaction of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar went off in style this afternoon! The volcanoes are now drying out so they can be taken home for more investigative fun!

Wombles Picnics

As a special treat for the children who went wombling every time it was their turn, Miss Newton help a thank you picnic! Due to the wind, it was held inside but was still a lovely treat. wink

VR Magic!

This afternoon, we were able to go inside a volcano, watch Mount Vesuvius erupt, ride a roller coaster and swim with sharks. Brilliant!

Jelly Earthquake Investigation

How can you learn more about earthquakes? By making marshmallow houses and testing them on jelly land! 

The Hanson Box National Water Research Project

Our class is involved in collecting data for a national project looking into the uses of water and environmental impacts. Today we took part in a 'blind' water test. 

How to Put a Telescope into Space

On Friday, we took part in another Zoom with the Royal Society, this time looking at how NASA scientists will be putting the new James Webb telescope into orbit later this year. It was great to listen to a real life scientist who has actually been working on the project. yes

Our Peace Symbols

As part of our I Sing Pop Collective Worship work about peace, we have designed our own peace symbols. There were some great ideas and super presentation.

How to Put a Jacket on a Dinosaur

This morning, we took part in a Zoom with the Royal Society and Manchester University to look at what happens when dinosaur bones are found and dug out of the ground. Two real life paleontologists led the Zoom with footage of their excavations in the Badlands of Montana. It was SO interesting. Will it inspire one of the class to be a paleontologist in the future?!

Day Four

Just one more day to go. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their sponsor money already. Every little helps! heart

Ark Farm

Den Building

It was BRILLIANT! I will let the photos show you (Tristan took charge of the camera for a little while and took lots).

Next- Ark Farm tomorrow, VR on Tuesday and the Planetarium next Friday!

Sponsored Skip- Day 2

Football Trophy Boys

Our two football stars have been doing incredibly well with their team this year. Presentation day coming up this weekend!

Day One Done!

Our school council members started off our week of sponsored skips extremely well. Everyone joined in and just gave it a go, no matter what they could do. Evelyn asked who thought they had done something today they had not done before and about half of the class put their hands up- wow!

Scratch Coding

There was some great partner work once again during our coding work to create a musical algorithm for others to follow.

Sponsored Skip

School Council will lead our daily sponsored skip from Monday. Please support us to raise as much money as we can as a class for our chosen local charity. Thank you. heart

Division with remainders

Great effort everyone!

What a Selfless Act

One of Holly Class has had her hair cut off for charity this week. The hair will be made into a wig for someone who is suffering from cancer and lost their own hair because of treatment. It is always so heart warming to see such kind acts. Well done!


Mathsframe Times Tables Check

Can you get all 25 correct?

Then try the tasks on Mathletics before heading over to TT Tock Stars Studio. Can we get a Rock Hero in our class this term?yes

Science- the Three States of Matter

This afternoon, our science investigations were about the three states of matter- solid, liquid and gas. We made gas visible by blowing bubbles and squeezing sponges under water then turned a solid into liquid whilst comparing how ice cubes melt out in the sun, in our hands and in a plastic beaker. Finally we watched liquid turn into a gas by creating footprints of water across the play ground, drawing round them and watching them evaporate on a very hot summer's afternoon! Great fun


Our very own Wombles were busy at lunch time out on a liter pick around the village with Miss Newton and Mrs Twelves. A huge thank you to these fantastic volunteers wanting to help make our community a better place to live. heart

Sunshine shadows (at last)

Last term, we were unable to finish our science investigation into how shadows move through the day because the sun was not often out but today we were able to get outside with the chalks. We discovered that not only did the shadows move through the day but also that their length changed.

Hula Hooping and Skipping- preparing for Friday

The skipping man will be in on Friday! We are ready for him. yes



Darren and Alan from LIVES spent some time with us on Monday looking at CPR. 


Papier Mache Volcanoes

What a great start to our volcanoes using the art of papier mache.

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii video clip

Climbing Wall

Tuesday is the first of the exciting weekly activities Mrs Ely has booked for us to celebrate reaching the end of our school hectic year as we are not able to go on a summer term class trip. Keep checking back here for photos of our fun!

Papier Mache Newspaper, Bottle and Cardboard Box Request

This term we will be making papier mache volcanoes so desperately need donations of newspaper, 500ml or one litre bottles and old cardboard boxes (see picture below)! If you have any of these you can donate, please send in as soon as possible so we can get making. Thank you. yes

First Week Back

Mrs Upsall will be teaching remotely on Monday and Tuesday as she is self isolating before having an impacted wisdom tooth out at hospital to help with an ongoing jaw problem. I hope to see everyone face to face later in the week!

Explosive Earth

Preparing for our next topic...

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.