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Term 5

Goodbye to Our Butterfly Friends!

Photo Editing by Cloning

Super effort to use careful cloning to make parts of a picture disappear! Not an easy skills but practised well this afternoon.

French Monsters


Communication, team work and sprinting were our targets this morning and we achieved them. Thank you Chris for all the fun- see you at the Mini Olympics next term!

The Environment

This afternoon, we worked in groups to discuss different impacts humans have had on the world and what little things we can do to help reduce it.

Litter Picking

"This shouldn't be fun but it is!" was heard from a number of children during our time around the village aiming to do our bit for the environment by stopping rubbish getting into our waterways and affecting wildlife.

How Quickly They Grow!!

Our caterpillars have eaten and eaten and reached the next stage...

Reading with Parents

Thank you once again to all the parents who came in this afternoon to enjoy some of our wonderful books with us. heart

Tennis Fun and Games with Year Fours from Willow

We all had a great afternoon (we even frightened the rain away so we could stay out even longer!)


Unfortunately, our caterpillars arrived on Friday in time for a long weekend... so here are some daily updates!

Coronation Fun!

Science Classification

We continued our classification work by using the minibeast, pond and woodland classification keys in class before venturing outside to see if we could identify the trees by their leaves and blossom in our school grounds. It was a tricky!

Adults Reading in Class

A huge thank you to all the adults who joined us this afternoon to read. If you are able to, please join us for our next session on Monday 15th May when we will be looking at how to ask inference style questions for fiction texts.

Badminton and Table Tennis

Today we had a go at ball/shuttlecock control! It was not easy but we had fun trying.

Thank you!

We had the best playtime EVER thanks to the PTA for the prizes (and extra long playtime!) for the Penny War. The biscuits did not last long... 

Classification and Habitats

We starting our science work off today by thinking of scientific criteria we can group living things by including what habitat they live in. After looking at the habitats in Madagascar (linking to last term's live lesson in Science Week), we focused in on what habitats we can find in the school grounds and what we might find in each of them. To end the afternoon, we investigated outside to see if we were correct.

Our Gardeners

After fearing our plants might die over the holidays, we were please to see them alive and the girls have been back to tending them everyday to bring them back to full strength. heart

Welcome to Term 5!

I hope that everyone has had a great Easter break and is ready for another action packed term.

Our topic is Blue Planet with a geographical, scientific and environmental focus. We will find out about the different oceans on our planet, what creatures live there and why plus how their habitats are being impacted by the actions of man. It will be a term full of questions and passion!

Our PE work with cover OAA and badminton, our music work will continue but with a different type of drum and it will be action stations for times tables as we approach the Year 4 check (June). 

Once again, keep checking back here for updates. smiley

Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.