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Term 1

Happy Holidays.

Hope you all have a great week off and we will see you back on Monday 31st October.


This week we explored how Christians respond to the idea of God as omnipotent and eternal within worship.


Our very own super hero Captain 'Parker' America delivered the art lesson this week.

Using various media Elm Class created their very own self portraits, with amazing results.


This week we have been editing and improving a piece of writing, ensuring we include all of our targets set during this term


We explored various equipment for writing over the ages these include:

A clay tablet from the ancient city of Ur, which is 4000yrs old; Egyptian papyrus and hieroglyphics; Roman wax tablet with stylus; Victorian slate used as a blackboard and a whole range of different types of alphabet.

We discovered that writing was first developed to record numbers, then pictures and symbols for alphabet letters, like ones we use today were created.


On Scratch this week week we explored programming  to show the life cycle of animals. Using algorithms  we had to change costumes of sprites to show growth and movement; switch sprites as each stage develops; and use the command 'send a message' and 'when message received'.

Week Commencing 17th October 2022

We have been celebrating Black History Month by studying the achievements of Black scientists Garrett Morgan and George Washington Carver.

Due to lots of children being out doing bikeability it was very quiet in Elm class this morning.

This beauty even attempted to join our bikeability lesson and was needed to be removed from the middle of the road on numerous occations. Crazy Cat. 


Some children from our class have been having some outdoor adventure this week. Two ladies called Dawn and Helen from the bikeability team have come to teach us how to ride our bikes safely on the road. It has been a little chilly but great fun.

An art lesson lead by our supply teacher Mrs Ashwell - We explored Collaging with various images today and were inspired by the artist Peter Blake.

Inspire+ Assembly delivered by Johnathan Broom

Johnathan came in and discussed Emotions with the whole school. He spoke about various emotions and how we can best channel them to support ourselves and others as and when needed. 

Week commencing Monday 9th October 2022


A British Artist called David Hockney was the inspiration for this weeks art lesson. We made our very own versions of his digital art. We had some rather interesting final pieces.

Maths has been brain busting this week, we've explored Multiplicative and Additive structures and how we can use them to represent various questions and their answers.

In addition to our English lessons we have looked at various Poets and read some of their outstanding work then had a go at writing our own.

Continued to read our class book Wolf Brother, it is becoming tense and we are looking forward to find out what will happen to Torak and Renn. 

Another hard PE session this week testing our fitness.


Within the class the week we have been exploring counties and rivers around Lincolnshire, using the atlases to support.

In our English this week we have been learning and extending our knowledge of Passive and Active language.


In this weeks lesson we looked at the Finches living on the Galapagos Islands and how they each vary in colour and size. We particularly looked at the differing sizes and shapes of their beaks. Using various sizes of equipment to represent the different beaks the children explored how to pick up seeds and were able to discover how each beak was unique for survival on the islands.

Week Commencing 3rd October 2022

This weeks art lesson was mono printing. We used various materials to create texture in our paint. This created a fantastic look to our art work and though messy was great fun. 

Learning to read in small groups with each person having a different role, finding ways to support each other.

Back to the Stone Age in History, we drew a comic strip to show how early humans hunted and gathered their food. They were not able to settle in one place for long and often had to relocate in the changing seasons in order to survive.

For our ICT lesson this week we became game programmers. We created our very own games and then took it in turns to try out each others games. Some of them were very hard to catch the sprite before they disappeared. Fortunately, no one thought of having negative numbers.

In Maths we had fun making additive and mulitiplicative structures using the cuisenaire rods. 

Week commencing 26th September 2022

Elm class enjoying a good book.

Science was very interactive today. Mrs James brought in her Giant African snails, we were even able to touch them.


Our Elm class school council members: Jack and Seth discussing our choices of  charities  we are thinking of supporting this year.

Art with Miss Parker

In Geography we continued to add detail to our globes and maps, showing our knowledge of longitude and latitude. We discovered that the zero degrees longitude goes through Holbeach: it is called The Prime Meridian line.

Week commencing 19/09/22

Another busy week had by Elm Class.

After a rather sombre start to the week with the funeral of our longest reigning monarch, the children came in with a positive attitude and have worked extremely hard.

A very interactive i-sing pop today. It got our minds and bodies ready for a great end to our week.

Our PE this week was brilliant we created our own assault course, it was hard work but really enjoyable.

Our first Music lesson went well. This year we are learning a new instrument, the Violin.

We are looking forward to exploring the music we can make.

Week Commencing 12th September 2022

Creating our own Globe in Geography.


An enjoyable 1st P.E lesson had by all including Class Teacher Mrs James. We are building up our stamina.

Exploring manipulatives in Mathematics to support Place Value.

Elm Class of 2022-2023 


Our core Christian School Values are: FAITH, HOPE & LOVE This year we will explore the core values through: Hope, Perseverance, Generosity, Respect, Courage and Friendship.